November 8, 2017

?? Quick Quotes: Michigan State Prep


Nov. 8, 2017

Billy Price

On Michigan State’s run defense
“It’s a very defense tradition-rich team. They pride themselves on their defense and I think those guys read the run very, very well and they read the pass pretty well.”

On J.K. Dobbins’ demeanor
“He’s been very positive. Again, making sure any type of rep he’s getting, he’s going 100% to it.”

Jalyn Holmes

On playing in a game with Big Ten East implications
“There’s a lot riding on the line. We still have an opportunity to play for the Big Ten Championship and that means a lot to me, being a senior.. I feel like everybody’s been amped up and everybody still has a positive attitude. We learned from our mistakes and we’re moving forward.”

On moving forward after a loss
“You just (have to) finish out strong. I’m a senior, it seems like yesterday I just got here. So, I (have) 2 more games in the ‘Shoe. I just (have to) play angry and actually take advantage of this opportunity, because I won’t have any more games left. My goal is to finish out strong.”

Jamarco Jones

On facing Michigan State
“This is going to be a physical game. Every game in the past has been with these guys. They’re a really good team, especially in their front seven. We have to make sure we’re on our game and we’re executing at a high level.”

Terry McLaurin

On Saturday’s matchup
“It’s November football, so we anticipate a very rugged game. I think they’re No. 1 in the Big Ten in stopping the run so we still have to establish the run. We just have to execute at a high level. We know they’re going to come in and be tough so as playmakers you have to make plays on the outside.”

On Michigan State
“When you look at it, we usually play them in November every year. There’s usually some implications with the Big Ten or the playoff. You have two teams that are the top of the Big Ten respectively every year and have a lot of respect for each other. Two tough teams looking for a win and usually it has a big result in the Big Ten standings. I feel like when November football comes around, everybody’s trying to play their best ball and so you’re going to get everyone’s best shot.”

J.T. Barrett

On current mindset
“(Getting) back to the fundamentals and what we do: Executing. Move on from last week because we’d like to get it back, but we can’t. With that, we just have to grow from it, learn from it and get better.”

Sam Hubbard

On Michigan State’s Offense
(Michigan State has a) great quarterback. He’s emerged really well this season. (They have) a great running back. It all starts with stopping the run, so we’re focusing on stopping the run to get them in the situations where they have to throw the ball and then trying to get after him.

On facing Michigan State
“We’ve got a lot of history and a lot of close games. They’re a great program, tough-minded program. They train hard. They train like we do and it’s a fist-fight every time we play them. That’s what it’s going to be like this Saturday.”