Oct. 4, 2017

Mike Weber

On being injured
“It was really frustrating. You work so hard all summer and all winter long to grow yourself as a person, as a player. The injuries slowed me down a lot but I take it as making me stronger and I’ll come back harder.”

On J.K. Dobbins’ blocking
“He’s a pretty decent blocker. I feel like he’s real aggressive and he’s not afraid to put his nose in there.”

On Maryland
“They’ve got a pretty good offense (with) fast running backs and we’ll have to stop the run real early.”

On Maryland’s quarterback
“It’s pretty tough because you don’t really know his tendencies. You don’t know how he steps up in the pocket and where he wants to scramble to. We really only have one game of film on him so we’re just going to do what we can in the first half and adjust for the second half.”

On helping Jalyn Holmes moving to defensive tackle
“(We) have to communicate every time we are on the field together. Whatever the play call is, some tendencies I can see on the inside that he doesn’t see. We make sure we can communicate every play so we can work together on the inside.”

On playing with an edge
“We’re taking everything day-by-day, but we’ve got to be more aggressive. As I said before, a lot of people (are) doubting us. That pushes us a little more to go beyond.”

On J.T. Barrett
“You can just see that look in his eyes. J.T. is a tough guy. (He’s) one of the greatest people I’ve been around on and off the field. You can sense when he’s locked in and ready to go. J.T. is always locked in. That’s one thing about him. Even if we all have a bad game J.T. Is always locked in. He’s always looking forward to the next play. Doing what’s best for us.”

J.T. Barrett

On Dwayne Haskins
“I think he’s grown a lot as far as really understanding the inner workings of our offense. One area that we challenge him is to make sure he’s vocal.”