Nov. 1, 2017

Jordan Fuller

On nine tackle performance vs. Penn State
“I just revert back to my training in those moments. Really, I just want to make plays for my teammates. That’s all I’m worried about.

On early impressions of Iowa
“They’re a tough team, they get after you. A downhill running team, they take shots, they have it all.”

On refocusing after the Penn State win
“We’re elite warriors. Once that assignment is over we lock in to the next one.”

On the Hawkeyes
“There are a few DBs who stood out to me. Iowa has always been tough; always will be. (I’m) looking forward to going in there and making plays.”

On the confidence of the offense
“It’s tremendous. It all started in the spring. We started to build our offense together and build confidence. After (the Oklahoma game) we decided it’s time to go to work.”

On being ranked No. 6 in the College Football Playoff rankings
“As long as we do our job we’re going to be in the picture. Things can change and move.”

On overcoming injury
“Ever since I’ve been out, I’ve been so locked in because I’ve been wanting to play.”