August 2, 2019

⚡ Quick Quotes: Fall Camp Day 1

Ohio State Buckeyes

J.K Dobbins

On the running back corps:

They’re some hard workers. They have to keep learning the offense. Keep watching and learning and they’ll be good. When I was a freshman, the time was the difference and the game was faster. You have to learn so you can slow the game down.

On his upcoming season:

There is a lot at stake. My main goal is to win a national championship. I feel I am the best running back in the nation and I have to prove that. I feel everything is coming together at the right time.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeffrey Okudah

On DBs coach Jeff Hafley: 

He brings in a lot of NFL knowledge and shows us how it translates. I compare it to me watching a high school game. He can slow it down and break it down to help us understand our position better.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Chase Young

On his role this season:

My job is when I get in the game to go as fast as I can. Do my job and do 4-6 / A-to-B at the best of my ability. When Nick (Bosa) went down last year, I took on more plays. I took 92 plays vs Washington. The goal is to play as many plays that I can go full go.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Damon Arnette

On using 2018 to improve 2019:

I feel like after the season we looked back. You feel like you are not where you need to be. We just can’t let that effect how we play and we need to get better as a group.