Aug. 21, 2017

Nick Bosa

On freshman season
“I was tentative. In two-play bursts as a freshman it’s hard to get a feel for the game. Now that I’ve gotten a lot more reps and our defensive scheme is d-line driven, I’ll be able to play faster.”

On the defesnive unit
“As a unit, we’re going to be like a tag team. I think every single one of us has gotten better. Even the older guys. [Teams] are going to get the ball off [quickly] and we might not get as many sacks as people think we will, but we’re going to be coming.”

Dre’Mont Jones

On expectations
“We look every day to set a new standard for ourselves. It makes me go a lot harder. I’m aging now as a player and looking forward to my future. I’m excited for the season and we always have to continue to get better.”

On what makes Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line Coach Larry Johnson special
“His passion for us and football. He doesn’t curse. He rarely yells. He’s one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever had. Whether basketball, football, baseball — he’s the greatest coach.”

Jalyn Holmes

On the defensive line
“I like playing with these guys. Anybody could lead the team in sacks. Everybody is good enough to do it and everybody is competitive enough to do it. We all feed off of each other.”

On expectations
“We have to make sure we don’t fall below the standard that we set. Try not to fall short of our true goals and that’s to be the best d-line in the country and win a national championship.”

Tyquan Lewis

On being named a captain
“The opportunity to be named captain more than one time is a tremendous honor. It’s something that stays with you the rest of your life. Everywhere you go you’ll be known as a captain for The Ohio State University.”

On Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line Coach Larry Johnson
“He’s like a father to me. He’s with you in rough times, anytime. He shows you that he loves you. That’s what makes him special.”

Tracy Sprinkle

On coming back from injury
“I started off kind of slow getting back into the swing of things. Three weeks deep into camp now, so I feel great.”

On inspiring younger players
“My career has been so unique. I’ve been through a lot … Sometimes it’s hard coming out of high school being that top guy. Just helping guys out from the things that I’ve been through. Letting them know that there’s still hope and light at the end of the tunnel.”

Larry Johnson, Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line Coach

On Tracy Sprinkle
“Tracy has been tested in all areas of his life. What he kept doing is fighting back. I’ve never seen a guy work as hard in rehab to get back to where he is right now.”

On his coaching philosophy
“My background is trying to play as many guys as possible, and to do that you have to go grab some talent. We’ve been able to secure up some talent and change those parts around. Depth-wise, this is where we want to be.”

Sam Hubbard

On defensive line in 2016
“We had no experience. We were testing the waters. Now, we’ve proven how much it works. We’ve all proven ourselves on the field. We have great chemistry together, so it’s really going to go uphill from here.”

On Nick Bosa’s development
“Last year you could see he was hesitating off the line … he’s been tirelessly working on his technique. I’ve seen him playing a lot faster and more dominant.”

Robert Landers

On Tracy Sprinkle
“Tracy (Sprinkle) is the heart and soul of our unit. If you mess up, he’ll rip you a little bit but at the same time he’ll pick you up.”

On the culture of the defensive line
“If you’re not ready to come and compete everyday, just as fast as you can gain a spot, you can lose a spot with the way Coach Johnson rotates.”