June 5, 2019

Quick Quotes: Buckeye Football Update


Buckeye Football Update: 6/5

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeff Hafley

On the talent at Ohio State:

They’ve done a great job recruiting here. Whether it’s four-star, five-star or three-star players. They’ve got good players and I’m very excited for that. I can’t wait for training camp to start.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Kevin Wilson

On returning players: 

We’ve got some great individuals. Their skill set is elite. They’ve got great practice habits.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Mike Yurcich

On Gunnar Hoak:

He’s a very cerebral guy. I think he’s been coached really well. Being in college football for a number of years, he’s a little bit ahead of the curve than say a true freshman. He’s a very intelligent guy.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Greg Mattison

On the linebackers:

That’s a really talented group. That’s a group when you get the 40 times that were just tested, you see them walk into that meeting room every day, you just go ‘woah.’ Some of these guys look like defensive ends.

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