November 29, 2017

?? Quick Quotes: Big Ten Title Prep


Nov. 29, 2017

Jerome Baker

On the test Wisconsin will present the defense
“Their (offensive) line is physical, their fullbacks are physical, their tight ends are physical, their running back runs downhill. It’s honestly going to be a battle of who’s more physical, who has more toughness.”

On Wisconsin tight end Troy Fumagalli
“He’s one of those guys that can just do it all. You’re just going to have to do your job, and to me, it’s a challenge and I love challenges.”

Mike Weber

On Wisconsin’s run defense
“They’re really aggressive. They play together really well. They have big strong guys, big strong linebackers, and a big strong (defensive) line. We have to come in and trust our coaches and the gameplan and do what we do best.”

On adjustments from freshman season
“Something that I put emphasis on in the offseason was my speed and breaking away from the defender. Last year I had a problem with looking back and worrying about someone coming to get me. I worked on my form a lot and it helped me a lot this year.”

Tyquan Lewis

On the importance of a Big Ten Championship
“It’s a huge deal. Especially being a senior, you want to go out the right way; why not go out winning a championship? The whole persona of the team right now is to beat Wisconsin and win the championship because you want to leave that legacy behind and be remembered as a Big Ten champion.”

On rotating the defensive line
“It’s important because you want to keep those fresh legs that way you can do everything fast, you just want to be fast, and you want to be physical, and it just keeps everyone fresh and keeps them going.”

On Wisconsin’s offensive line
“They’re always big and physical, so you already know what to expect out of them. Not much has changed and it’s going to be a tough task.”

Sam Hubbard

On what to expect from Wisconsin “It’s Wisconsin football. Big guys up front, talented (running) back and a quarterback that’s in control of the offense and has improved a lot since last year. They’ve lost a great left tackle last year but they’ve reloaded. They’re efficient at what they do which presents a lot of challenges for us.”

Jamarco Jones

On 2014 Big Ten Championship Game
“I remember that game a lot because I actually ended up playing in that one. I remember running out (to) the field and coach told me ‘don’t mess up’ as I was running on the field. It was a great experience for me as a freshman from the midwest getting to play in the Big Ten Championship. That was a great experience.”

On preparation for Wisconsin
“You’ve got to make sure you’re prepared for the next game. We’ve had that a couple times this year where we had big games and had to play a really good opponent the next week and so it’s a matter of moving on to that next game and not resting on that last game.”