August 19, 2019

⚡ Quick Quotes: 2019 Captains & QB1

Ohio State Buckeyes

C.J. Saunders, WR

On if it was a surprise to be picked as captain:

It wasn’t a surprise. I think the way that my career has progressed and how I’ve gotten to build relationships with my teammates. It’s something that I strive for. I’m very honored and humbled to have this experience.

On going from being a walk-on to being a captain:

It’s pretty cool, but I think it’s more of a testament to our program and that it doesn’t always matter about how many stars you have or where you’re coming out of high school. It’s all about the respect you earn once you get here.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Chase Young, DE

On if being a captain was always a goal:

Captain was definitely on my list. I never really visualized it like I did other things. I feel like when I got more into the program, I wanted to be a part of the people that lead the team. The opportunity was there and I took it.

On becoming a captain:

It’s definitely something I’ve worked for. I just got to keep going and keep leading.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Justin Fields, QB

On his reaction to being named starting quarterback:

Of course I was excited. I just want to thank all the other quarterbacks in the room, Coach Yurcich, Coach Corey (Dennis), Coach Day, and all my teammates for getting to the point I am now. It’s a great honor being the starting quarterback at such a prestigious university, so I’m definitely excited.

On biggest improvements since arriving in January: 

I feel like I’ve improved a lot overall, every part of my game. I feel way more comfortable than in the spring and I think all my teammates see that, Coach Day definitely sees it. So I just feel more comfortable with the playbook and more comfortable in the pocket. I’m excited for this upcoming season.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Tuf Borland, LB

On the team’s Fall Camp:

This team has really gelled together, really meshed. It’s just a great group of guys.

On his thoughts on the other captains:

You know you just go down the list. The quality of the guys. You got Jordan, Chase, JK, CJ, just all great guys. But I guess there is that great responsibility that comes with that. You got to uphold the standard for us. I’m just excited for the upcoming season.

On CJ walk-on to captain:

Yeah, it’s a really cool story. I remember winter of 2016 coming in the same time as CJ. Just a fantastic guy. Works his butt off every single day. Does things the right way. To see that for him, it’s just awesome.

On the captains:

Guys that just love football, love competing, and will do anything for this team.

Ohio State Buckeyes

K.J. Hill, WR

On being named captain:

Being a captain was one of my goals when I decided I was coming back. Me being oldest on the team now, I knew I had a good chance. I learned from past captains about being vocal at the right times. When we are winning or when things are going bad, you still got to be the same person. You got to lead the team during the rough patches of the season.

On CJ being named captain:

I voted for CJ myself to be a captain. I feel like he represents this university very well. Everyone has a lot of respect for him, especially in the receiving room.

On Justin Fields being QB1:

I feel like since day one until now he has been comfortable. He is acting like QB1. We fed off his energy. I feel like we are ready to rock and roll. Now things can just get put in place with our offense.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jordan Fuller, SAF

On being named captain:

It’s a blessing really. Being voted a captain by your teammates means a lot. I’m just blessed to be in this position. I’m just going to give them everything I have. Being able to be a captain at Ohio State, I know it comes with a huge responsibility, but I am willing to uphold that. I’m just remembering all the captains that came before me and just to enhance it.

On CJ being named captain:

It was great. I definitely smiled a little extra when he was voted captain.

Ohio State Buckeyes

J.K. Dobbins, RB

On how excited he is to be named a captain:

I’m excited. I’m honored, because it’s a big thing here.

On being a captain as a Junior:

It’s special to me because it’s great that my teammates see me as someone who can lead this team and represent this team in a good way.

On the responsibility that comes with being a captain:

I got to represent the university well, and I got to represent the football team well. That’s what it means to be a captain.