June 3, 2019

🎥 Coach Speak: Covelli/Jennings Open


The Covelli Center

Head coaches Kevin Burch (men’s volleyball), Geoff Carlston (women’s volleyball) and Tom Ryan (wrestling) share their excitement for the brand new Covelli Center/Jennings Wrestling Facility.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Tom Ryan

On the impact of the Covelli Center:

I love the sport of wrestling, and I love the people of wrestling. This is the greatest wrestling facility ever built.  I’m thankful for the administration and the donors. I’m excited about the future for all the programs that live in this place.

The sport of wrestling in general is the sixth largest participation sport in the country. I started wrestling as a seventh grader. I’ve never been in a wrestling room with windows. This place has 14-foot windows and I’m in heaven. I know the same upbringing I had, they have. I think they’re (the team is) humbled by this and excited to make it the most unique home venue in the world.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Geoff Carlston

On the excitement of the 2019 season:

This is pretty cool. A new chapter for all of us here. Really grateful and thankful and inspired. To see what it’s going to look like in the fall is pretty cool. A lot of tears, a lot of hugs. When you walk into a place with fans, the only response is gratitude. We couldn’t be more excited to play come fall.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Kevin Burch

On the personnel support within Ohio State Athletics:

I’m starting off my first year in the best facility for volleyball. To be in a place like this, it was so well thought out. We have a ton of gratitude. To be around coaches like Geoff and Tom is really special.