After transferring from UCLA to Ohio State, Ashlee Trebilcock has certainly settled down in Columbus. Spending her childhood acting in several TV shows such as “Saved by the Bell” and “E.R.,” Trebilcock found her niche in basketball.

The junior guard talks about her adjustments, childhood acting and family.

Q: Did you have any connection to Ohio State before coming here?
A: No. When I was looking at transferring I was interested in a male coach. That’s when coach Foster’s name was brought up.

Q: After your transfered you didn’t have as much playing time as a Buckeye compared to other sophomores on the team. Did you experience any trouble fitting in?
A: It was slightly awkward since you don’t have the summer to mesh with your class. The girls did their best to make me feel included. When I first moved here I lived close to some of my teammates which helped me become close friends with them.

Q: Starring as a childhood actor you appeared in several TV shows and commercials. Do you think your experience in the spotlight has helped you prepare for the media attention at Ohio State?
A: Definitely. It helped me to understand the media and I believe it put me ahead slightly. We also have good media training that helps us to say the right things.

Q: Did basketball fit into your schedule while shooting for TV shows and commercials?
A: I didn’t start playing basketball until around the fourth grade. Once I did I would go straight from
basketball to an audition and my schedules began to overlap. I then began to focus on my basketball.  

Q: Late last year you were involved in a car accident and suffered injuries which sidelined you from
practice. What steps did you take to get back to 100 percent?
A: I had a concussion so I couldn’t work out. One of the best things I could do was be at practice and watch. It is kind of interesting analyzing things on the sidelines as opposed to being in the action all the time.
I believe it helped me see things better, read things better and understand the game more.

Q: You are originally from Boise, Idaho. Is it hard being such a long way from home and do you get to see your family often?
A: Actually, my family and I come from a place in the mountains called Crouch, Idaho, but most people think it is Boise. My family is here fairly often. Last year they weren’t here at all, which made it difficult. This year they came to my games and it has been a lot easier.

Compiled by Lauren Daykin, Ohio State Athletics Communications