Who is the toughest CCHA opponent … why? Where is the toughest place to play in the league and why?
Michigan, because they are our greatest rival and a lot is on the line every time we play them. The toughest building to play in is probably Ferris State because our record there is not the best.

You’re from Rochester, Minn. – talk about all the connections the city has to college hockey and how many players are playing (or have played) Division I hockey.
In the past four years there have been over 20 Division I hockey players scattered throughout the country. Most of us had the same coaches growing up and many of us still keep in close contact.

What is your major … what do you plan on doing after your hockey career is over?
My major is real estate, but I plan on being a entrepreneur for the better part of my life. I currently run JR Whiting Irrigation, which is an irrigation, lighting and landscaping business, which I will take over when my season is finished.

Did you do anything interesting this past summer?
I took a trip to Utila, Honduras, which is a small island of the coast. Ex-Buckeye Luke Pavlas traveled down there with me. I was able to do a lot of saltwater fly fishing and scuba diving on the trip. It was quite a unique experience to travel to a completely different culture.

How old were you when you started playing hockey, and why did you start?
I started playing when I was 6 years old. I started playing because my parents signed me up.

Where is the best place hockey has taken you?
Columbus, Ohio. Coming here was a blessing in disguise for me. I’ve had so many great experiences and opportunities. It’s really unbelievable.

What is your college hockey highlight?
My college hockey highlight and lowlight would be playing the Minnesota Gophers in Minneapolis last year. I always dreamed of playing for or against them, although I wish the score had turned out a little differently (OSU lost 7-2). Why do you wear No. 3?
I really didn’t have too many options for a number my first year, so I just took number three. Since then, it has grown on me.

Who has been the biggest influence on your hockey career?
My father (Jim). He was never really knowledgeable about hockey, but he knew how to push me and motivate me to be the best player I could be. He never let me be satisfied with just being or playing average. Without him, there’s no way I would have taken hockey this far.

You run your own business, JR Whiting Irrigation … how did that come about?
I was in a moral dilemma last fall about what I wanted to do with my life. I was contemplating searching for a internship in New York City with my roomate Kelly Holowaty in investment banking. After doing some research in the field I realized that lifestyle would not suit me. I always wanted to run my own business, so I made a decision to do it and stuck with it. Before I knew it, my dream was a reality.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Too many things … hunting, fly fishing, wakeboarding, paintball, scuba diving and reading.

What is your dream vacation?
I have a lot of them, but in the next few years I plan on traveling the country on a hunting and fishing trip in the fall of 2004, going to New Zealand, Fiji and Australia in the winter of 2005, and traveling Europe the following year. I figure I better get it all out of my system when I’m young so what the heck.

You are an avid hunter and fisherman … do you have a dream place you would like to go hunt and fish? How did you get involved in the activities?
I would like to travel around the globe hunting and fishing, but the main destination I would like to see is Alaska. I was introduced to hunting and fishing at a young age by my father and grandfather. Ever since I was about 12 it’s been like an addiction for me.

It’s your senior season … how would you like to end your Buckeye career? What are your goals for the season?
With a big national championship ring around my finger. My goals are to get better every game so we peak as a team in March.