You spent the last two summers doing internships in New York City … what did you do? Did you enjoy it?
My experience working at an investment banking firm (Credit Suisse First Boston) was very beneficial in helping me decide whether the corporate life was for me. My summer internship was very intense at times working with 50 other interns from schools across North America. Through this experience I gained a variety of skills, as well as utilized many existing skills to succeed in such a competitive environment. Spending the summer in New York City was not only beneficial to my career, but also gave me a chance to see and experience things I have not done before; Broadway musicals, concerts in Central Park, Empire State Building, boat cruises, The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Yankees games … the list goes on and on.

What is your major and when do you plan on graduating? What do you want to do when your hockey career is over?
My major is family financial planning with a minor in business finance. I am scheduled to graduate this spring. I think I will give Wall Street a try for a couple years and then start my own financial planning business for professional athletes.

You and your brother raised money in an unusual way by running a hotdog franchise – how did that come about?
When I was 14 my dad told my brother, sister and I we needed to start thinking about getting a job. I wasn’t too keen on working at a fast food joint for $5 an hour, so we set our goals a little higher. We decided to check out the classifieds to find something that would fit our busy hockey schedules. Working hard for three months in the summer and taking the winter off seemed very appealing to us. This brought us to the decision to buy into a hot dog vending franchise. We ran a couple hot dog stands in our hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, at various events and parks around the city for about three years and then proceeded to buy the franchise and run it for an additional five years before we sold it.

Have you always been an entrepreneur?
I guess I started out at a young age working for myself and being my own boss. That definitely helped put me in an entrepreneurial frame of mind.

Who is your favorite hockey player?
I have always been a Patrick Roy fan, but also enjoy watching Martin Broduer.

Why did you become a goalie?
I always looked up to my brother and I guess falling into his footsteps was a large reason why I became a goalie. When I was a kid comparing a player and a goalie I always thought it was better because you never had to take shifts and were able to play the whole game.

How did you end up at Ohio State all the way from Regina, Saskatchewan?
I thought it was a great situation for me to come and play for such an upcoming program. When picking schools I really enjoyed what Ohio State had to offer. I thought if I were to leave my home and go to college in the states a large school would give me the best experience and the most memories.

Tell us about your family …
I am very lucky to have such a supportive and loving family. I have a brother and sister I look up to and can say are two of my best friends. My brother is 28 and lives in New York City and works as an investment banker. My sister is 26 and lives in New Jersey and works as a family therapist. My parents spend most of their time in Las Vegas but live back in Canada. Although my family is all over the map, we still manage to stay very close.

Tell us about your goalie mask.
My goalie mask has an Incredible Hulk cartoon character on it with a joker playing card on the back and a Canadian flag next to it. The cartoon character came from freshman year when a few of the seniors nicknamed me that because of my high numbers I put up in the weight room – haha. As for the joker, I guess it kind of symbolizes my personality and the way I go about life.

Why do you wear No. 33?
I have always been a fan of Patrick Roy and it is the number he wore his entire career.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I enjoy reading books about successful businessmen and checking out real estate opportunities. During my down time I enjoy spending time with the guys on the team and my girlfriend.

Where would you like to live in the future, and why?
I think New York City will be a good challenge and a lot of fun, but later on I see myself coming back to Columbus to start a business and then eventually ending up in Western Canada.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned at Ohio State?
Take advantage of the massive amount of resources you have as a student. Take the time to meet as many people as you can because some of the relationships you make in college, you will keep for the rest of your life.