by Emily Krizan, Ohio State Athletics Communications Student Assistant

Coming to Buckeye country as the No. 14 center in the country according to the Collegiate Girls Basketball Report, freshman Darryce Moore is eager to make an impact for the Buckeyes. Averaging 16 points, 12 rebounds and three assists in her tenure at Boardman High School, Moore certainly has the ability to contribute at the collegiate level. Already seeing action in six games during her rookie campaign, a 6-foot-2 Moore is little by little gaining the experience necessary to shine at the next level.

Q: What has surprised you the most about college?
A: I really wasn’t too surprised when I came down here. My high school did a really great job preparing me for college. Everyone always says, ‘oh, college is so much harder,’ but it hasn’t been too bad yet. Maybe next year will be harder when I’m taking classes for my major, but the general classes haven’t been too tough.

Q: Are you becoming acclimated with being on such a Big campus?
A: Summer quarter was kind of like, ‘Bam! Welcome to college!’ I had classes at 8 a.m. and I had to get up early to walk for what seemed like forever to class. Now I’ve gotten used to the campus. At the beginning of the new quarter I might have to use a map, but then I get used to it.

Q: What is your routine like on game day?
A: I wake up, have an early shootaround and eat. Then I come back into the locker room to take a nap, shower and get dressed for the game.

Q: What is it like to go on the road with your teammates?
A: We usually play a lot of card games and try to relax. During the last away game, the managers had reading lights next to the bed. We were going to play a card game, so I walked into the room and they were waving the lights like spotlights and introducing all of us. It was really, really funny.

Q: You guys basically travel all over the country. Any horror stories from the airport?
A: I hate to go to the airport. Our first away game was actually my first time ever being on a plane. I was crying my eyes out and the whole team kept asking me what was wrong. I was really scared but I like them better now. There was one ride with a lot of turbulence and Amber Stokes was in the back just laughing. She laughed so hard that she cried. It was so funny.

Q: How did you decide on your number in college?
A: I wanted to be No. 44 but that number already was retired. Coach Baldwin suggested that I be No. 22.

Q: What is the hardest thing about your position?
A: I’m not as tall as the other girls so I have to use my quickness. In practice, we work on a lot of post moves and if I’m playing against another post my size I know how to overpower them. If it’s someone bigger, I know how to reverse and get around them.

Q: Your brother, J.T., is a freshman on the Ohio State football team. What has it been like to have him here?
A: It’s great. He is redshirting this year, but at the beginning of the season, when I could, I would go to the games and support him and see him after.

Q: If you could play a game of pickup with anyone who would you choose?
A: Dwight Howard. I love him. He’s just amazing. I would obviously win, but he’s just a really good player.