by Chris Britt, Ohio State Athletics Communications Student Assistant

While attending nearby Columbus DeSales and Gahanna Lincoln high schools, redshirt sophomore Amber Stokes always knew she wanted to be a Buckeye. Her father Ron Stokes, who played at Ohio State from 1981–85, helped Amber from a young age and now she is ready to follow in his footsteps and make a name for herself.

Finally fully-recovered from injuries suffered during her first two years as a Buckeye, Stokes is garnering more playing time this season in the process of helping her teammates try to earn a seventh-consecutive Big Ten championship ring. With a team-first attitude and stellar defensive capabilities, Stokes believes she is finally starting to contribute like she knows she can. By staying focused on the court and off, there doesn’t seem to be anything that will stop Stokes from doing just that and more.

Q: With starting one game so far this year and receiving more minutes off the bench, do you feel like you are contributing more to the team and doing more of what you are capable of doing?
A: I definitely feel like I contribute to this team, especially my defense. Coach Foster will look to me and put me in the game and apply the point guard with a little more pressure to help the team out. I feel like I’m contributing a lot this year to the team.

Q: What do you like most about Ohio State overall?
A: I would say the tradition. So many people love Ohio State. They come to the football games and basketball games. Just all of the different sports fans go to. My dad played here so I guess I’m kind of following in his footsteps. It’s fun.

Q: Who have you looked up to as a role model or someone that has helped you get you where you are today?
A: Other than my dad, I would also have to say my mom. She keeps me on track with things like my grades. She always asks how I am doing, just making sure I am staying on top of things. Of course my dad makes sure I’m doing all the little things as far as basketball goes, helping me put in extra work.  I get to see them a lot since we live pretty close to the campus.

Q: On a personal level and also team-wise, what do you want to accomplish at Ohio State?
A: On a personal level, my grades are very important to me, so being a scholar-athlete every quarter and just making sure I’m working hard in class and attending class. As far as on a team level, just being positive and being there for my teammates, showing them that I care and working hard for them is what I like to do since it is a team sport. I want to be successful this season.

Q: What is it like knowing you and your dad, Ron Stokes, are the only father-daughter combo to ever play at Ohio State?
A: It’s nice because my dad knows the game and he can tell me things that I probably think I know but I really don’t know. I think it’s a huge benefit having him here. He shows me some things and lets me know when I’m doing things wrong and what I need to improve on. It’s really nice.

Q: What is your favorite opposing arena to play in?
A: I thought Madison Square Garden was pretty nice. It was neutral but I still thought it was nice. It was a fun experience. Even though we came out with a loss, it was fun to go and play against Connecticut, because the only time we will probably see them is in the [NCAA] tournament.

Q: Why did you choose criminology as your major here at Ohio State?
A: I want to be a FBI agent. It looks interesting and fun. I think I could possibly have a successful career by doing something like that. I’ve had some fun classes and I’m excited to see where I can go after college with my degree.