The Lapel, Ind., native talks about her first two seasons with the Buckeyes

COLUMBUS, Ohio – After serving as a mainstay in Ohio State’s balance beam lineup as a freshman, Krissi Woodward’s career hit a hiccup this fall as she tore her Achilles just before training camp.

Despite the setback, the Lapel, Ind., native remains optimistic about not only returning to competition but also training for the all-around. Last season, Woodward tied classmate Nicole Krauter with a team-best and personal-high 9.825 on beam in her Buckeye debut at UIC (Jan. 24).

Learn more about Woodward in a Q&A below.

On the serious side …
Athletically, what are your personal and team goals this season?
“I am currently injured this year, but my personal goal is to get healthy and start training again. I would like to compete all around so I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.

“For the team, I would love to see them go to nationals. Also, winning Big Tens has always been one of my team goals. I have no doubt in my mind that these girls can do it!”

How do you balance the pressure of athletics and academics?
“I spend most of my days at The Younkin Success Center. I get tutors when I know I may struggle. I have a pretty set schedule for each of my weeks so I know what is due when and I try to stay ahead. 

“With practice, I stay focused when I am in the gym and I know what my role and job is and I stick to it. I have learned if I focus on the outside world when I am in the gym, and vice versa, I do not get a lot accomplished. So I have a set schedule and I follow it each week.”

Who has made the greatest influence on you as a student-athlete?
“The senior girls: KP, Hillary and BA. Each one of these girls has been such a great role model in and outside the gym. I know I can always go to anyone of them for advice and know I was given the best.

“Coming in as a freshman is not always easy and then getting injured at the beginning of my sophomore year has made things difficult again. Each one of these girls was by my side always cheering me up and bringing a smile to my face.  Without their love and support, these past two years would have hard. They will be greatly missed next year but hopefully I can pass on what they taught me and be a great role model like they were.”

Now for some quick hits …
Nickname: Krissi

My OSU roommate for 2009-10 is: Reggie (Jessica Staton)

My favorite home-cooked meal: Nacho Casserole

Who would play you in a movie? Cameron Diaz

My favorite song to work-out to is: Any upbeat rap song!

Favorite class I’ve taken at Ohio State: HDFS 364

Best part about road meets: The bus rides with the girls

Coolest place I’ve competed at: Las Vegas

Show I always DVR: The Bachelor

Top song on my MP3 player: Anything by Sugarland

I’m most proud of:  The person I have grown up to be