Aug. 3, 2005

Ohio State junior Stephanie Blanton recently returned from a trip to Europe with the 2005 Big Ten Foreign Tour Team. She averaged seven points and nearly three rebounds a game in helping the Big Ten team to a perfect 5-0 record on its tour through Holland and Belgium.

Stephanie sent a postcard back to Columbus on a stop in Amsterdam, but she made it back to the U.S. before the postcard did.

Stephanie sat down for a Q&A about her trip to go along with the belated postcard.

Stephanie Blanton Q&A on 2005 Big Ten Foreign Tour

Q: What is your favorite memory of the trip?
A: My favorite memory of the trip was just meeting new friends and being able to share memories with them. Also, the basketball part of it was fun too!

Q: What was your favorite stop on the tour?
A: The best trip that we went on was to this chocolate factory in Belgium. I LOVE chocolate and it was grrrrrrrrrreat! Free samples are always the best.

Q: Was this your first trip overseas? Describe the parts of Europe you visited.
A: this was indeed my first trip over seas. The plane ride was too long for my taste though, but once I got over there it was amazing. I visited many parts of Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Q: Did you learn any Dutch on your trip?
A: I really didn’t learn any of the language, but I just loved the whole scenery and just how Europe looked.

Q: Talk about your tour of the House of Anne Frank.
A: The Anne Frank house was really neat, but sad at the same time. It was amazing that I actually got to go into the house, which they hadn’t restored anything, and know that this is where she lived for those long years.

Q: Talk about the basketball.
A: The facilities weren’t like here. I guess they were nice for them, but it wasn’t like the Schott. The competition wasn’t like the big ten or anyone that we would play over here, but just being able to play over there was all that mattered.


Hey Buckeye Fans,
I’m having a great time over here in the Netherlands. So far, we are 1-0 and doing very good. I have made a lot of friends with the other girls from the other Big Ten schools. Well, I have to go tour some more.
-Stephanie #34.