May 22, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Donica Merriman (So., Trotwood, Ohio) set a Rankin Track and Field record of 23.02 while winning the womens 200-meter dash on the second day of Big Ten Outdoor Track and Field Championship action in West Lafayette, Ind. on Saturday. The Buckeye women are in 8th place while the men are currently 10th.%^$

%^$Andrew Pierce (So., Yellow Springs, Ohio) and Dominque Calloway (Jr., Aurora, Colo.) emerged victorious for the Buckeyes as well. Pierce won the 400-meter dash (46.26), as he did in the Indoor Championships (46.66), and Calloway won the 110-meter low hurdles (13.06) and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (56.14)..%^$

%^$The Championships conclude Sunday at Purdue University.%^$

%^$Team Scores After Day Two – Women%^$ 1. Purdue 85%^$ 2. Minnesota 59%^$ 3. Wisconsin 50%^$ 4. Michigan 41%^$ 5. Penn State 26%^$ 6. Illinois 19%^$ 7. Indiana 16%^$ 8. Ohio State 7%^$ 9. Iowa 6%^$10. Michigan State 3%^$

%^$Team Scores After Day Two – Men%^$ 1. Minnesota 75.5%^$ 2. Michigan State 46%^$ 3. Iowa 30%^$ 4. Wisconsin 29%^$ 5. Penn State 24%^$ 6. Indiana 19%^$ 7. Michigan 18%^$ 8. Purdue 13.5%^$ 9. Illinois 13%^$10. Ohio State 8%^$

%^$Individual Event Winners%^$Mens 400-meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 46.26%^$18. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 49.61%^$

%^$Mens Long Jump%^$1. George Audu, Penn State 7.84m%^$4. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 7.64m%^$

%^$Mens 1,500 meters%^$1. Nate Clay, Minnesota 3:49.43%^$19. David Gonzalez, Ohio St. 3:56.1%^$

%^$Mens 100-meter dash%^$1. Steve Burkholder, Minn. 10.34%^$11. Leandre Liggins, Ohio St. 10.52%^$

%^$Womens 400 meters%^$1. Tia Trent, Indiana 53.68%^$5. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 55:48%^$9. Monique Coleman, Ohio St. 56.62%^$15. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 59.59%^$

%^$Womens 100-meter run%^$1. Kerry-Ann Richards, Ill. 11.38%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio St. 11.40%^$

%^$Womens 800-meter run%^$1. Angie Stanifer, Michigan 2:06.91%^$4. Carrie Hoblet, Ohio State 2:08.64%^$15. Ta-Meika Brown, Ohio St. 2:16.40%^$

%^$Mens Discus%^$1. Adam Reed, Minnesota 56.20m%^$21. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 43.80m%^$22. Andrew Saurer, Ohio St. 42.68m%^$

%^$Mens 110-meter hurdles%^$1. Sherman Armstrong, Ill. 14.01%^$3. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 14.53%^$

%^$Mens 3,000-meter steeplechase%^$1. Eric Pierce, Minnesota 8:55.74%^$6. Ian Connor, Ohio State 9:11.60%^$12. Chris Hudik, Ohio State 9:31.98%^$

%^$Womens Shot Put%^$1. Aubrey Schmitt, Minnesota 15.56m%^$10. Karen Keys, Ohio State 13.40m%^$

%^$Womens 110-meter low hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio St. 13.06%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio St. 13.30%^$11. Ayanna Reece, Ohio St. 14.25%^$

%^$Womens 200-meter dash%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio St. 23.02%^$8. Monique Coleman, Ohio St. 24.16%^$

%^$Mens 200-meter dash%^$1. Bashir Yamini, Iowa 20.82%^$4. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 20.99%^$18. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 21.81%^$

%^$Mens 400-meter int. hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio St. 56.14%^$3. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 56.61%^$

%^$Womens 10,000-meter run%^$1. Erica Palmer, Wisconsin 26.13.36%^$3. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 26.24.13%^$16. Karen Kelly, Ohio State 28.37.24%^$

%^$Womens Hammer Throw%^$1. Toyinda Smith, Purdue 58.38m%^$14. Karen Keys, Ohio State 42.88m%^$15. Katy Craig 41.70m%^$

%^$Womens Javelin Throw%^$1. Linda Lindquist 52.48m%^$8. Keely Hancox 37.42m%^$

%^$Mens Hammer Throw%^$1. Chris Spurrior, Purdue 57.60m%^$13. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 45.33m%^$%^$


-Go Bucks!-