Sept. 6, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The assistant coach/director of operations professional development program at Ohio State is entering its fourth year and its goal is to provide a comprehensive professional development program designed to enhance the skill set of assistant coaches and director of operations staff. In addition, it helps build a cohesive network amongst all coaches for collaboration and utilizing one another as resources.

“We truly do invest in our own,” associate athletic director TJ Shelton said. “This is not only a way for our assistant coaches and directors of operations to develop professionally, but also personally. It helps develop a tighter knit community amongst our staff members. This program introduces them to various techniques that will help them develop their student athletes in a beneficial way.”

Each year generally presents six opportunities for assistant coaches and director of operations staff to develop their personal brand while also delving into budget management, program organization, conflict management and many other pertinent topics in today’s collegiate athletics realm.

“Over the last four years the professional development sessions the athletics department holds for the staff are top notch,” men’s lacrosse director of operations Mark Bergey mentioned. “It allows the assistant coaches and directors of operations a chance to grow professionally while collaborating on different topics.”

Remaining for the 2016-17 slate are five more sessions that include discussion about the journey to being a head coach, designing a player development program, enhancing your coaching philosophy, leadership skills and guiding a program with integrity.

“Gene (Smith), TJ (Shelton) and all of our administrators go out of their way to help assistant coaches pursue their career goals to the absolute fullest,” women’s swimming associate head coach Jordan Wolfrum noted. “I’ve completed two years of the development program and the experience has been invaluable.

“We’ve had the opportunity to share ideas with other coaches and learn from the most experienced in our fields. We’ve also had the unique opportunity to participate in workshops and open discussions with a variety of guest speakers on everything from team building to fundraising. I feel incredibly fortunate that our administrators are so invested in my professional future.”

This program allows bright minds within Ohio State to congregate amongst one another and present ideas and learn new techniques that will help further their career.