SASSO Tutor Request/Cancel Procedures

**Please Note
Before requesting one-to-one appointments for Math or Stats, you must try the SASSO Math/Stat Room in 320 Younkin at least 3 times before requesting a one-to-one tutor. The hours are Sunday-Thursday, 7:30-9:30 pm during Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters.

In addition to the SASSO Math/Stat Room, there is Math/Stat help available throughout the day in the Math-Stat Learning Center, Cockins Hall: for further information. In addition, there is Math help in 210 Younkin from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursday during Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters

To Request a Tutor, email the following information to or call 292-7088.
Course(s) & Number(s)
Preferred Meeting Time – Day(s) & Time(s)
Type of appointment – One time session, once a week for the whole quarter, twice a week for the whole quarter, or three times per week for the whole quarter.

Once your request has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from within 48 hours.
This email will give the following information: tutor’s name, subject, date, and time of meeting. You will meet the tutor in room 310, Younkin Success Center. You will need your BuckID and you must check in with the proctor at the desk in room 310 in order to receive services.

Needing to Cancel?
If you have scheduled an appointment and are unable to attend, then you must contact SASSO at least 24-hours before the appointment. You can either call at 614-292-7088 or email

If you miss a tutor appointment and fail to inform SASSO 24-hours in advance then your counselor will contact you regarding your absence. This could have negative consequences.

We also encourage the use of other OSU academic support resources, such as instructor office hours, the Math Stat Learning Center, teacher-directed study groups, The Writing Center, the Economics tutoring room. Pick up or print out an Alternative Study Table Form at the SASSO front desk in order to receive credit for this time if you are on study table.