Sep 2, 2013


COACH MEYER: Thank you for coming. Very pleased with our win. Very pleased with our fast start. That was something that was real important that we made a big emphasis in our program. Not very pleased when we had the lull in the second quarter when we had those four bad drives, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of our personnel and how they played.

First of all, offensive champions were Jordan Hall, great to see him, 159 yards and graded out 81 percent. I guess those are career highs for him and I thought he played very well.

Chris Fields had two touchdowns, three out of three opportunities, made all three. Philly Brown, grade out champion.

Offensive Player of the Week was Jordan Hall, obviously not near what we expect on offense; we have to get a lot better but those kids did play well.

On defense, you had Noah Spence, I believe that was his first start. Graded out 80 percent and had a sack, graded champion.

Doran Grant, graded out 96 percent, out of 21 opportunities, made the play 18, which was high, and a lot of opportunities, made his plays.

And Christian Bryant was Defensive Player of the Game and graded out at 94 percent.

So we have got to do a little better. The good thing is we have a chance to get better. A lot of new players on defense, when Shazier cramped up, we were down there, Christian Bryant was basically our only veteran player out there. I’m anxious to see a lot of improvement. Looks very positive for C.J. Barnett to be back. Bradley Roby will be back.

We are going to get more play out of Corey Linsley on offense, and so that’s a positive, we are starting to get our roster back intact. As of now, Rod Smith will be back if he has a good week of practice and does it all right. So that helps us; where I really notice that is special teams.

Positive in our kicking game was our kickoff, it was fantastic. I want to say that they were held inside the 20 every time, I believe they were, except for once on the 20 or 22, and special teams Player of the Week was Ron Tanner and honorable mention went to Vonn Bell. He had three tackles on kickoff and Ron Tanner just really played well, kickoff and a variety of other spots on special teams. It was good to see our Australian get in there and punt the ball a little bit, kind of negotiated not a snap and I expect him to get a lot better when he’s moving forward.

So I’ll answer any questions for you.

Q. Four guys got carries if Doran has that, how does he fit into that mix, how many touches would you like to see him get?
COACH MEYER: I don’t know, that’s a good question. Last spring I had the intention of making Jordan Hall more of an H, but an H that can come in and motion in and that’s when he can cause issues for defenses. So I don’t know, we’ll see how he practices, I hope he does earn the right to carry the ball, because that will free up Jordan Hall to maybe help us in some other areas, as well.

Q. Is there a chance Roby could be one of the game captains? He’s obviously one of the leaders

Q. He won’t be at all this year?
COACH MEYER: This year? I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s a good question. I haven’t thought about it. I stuck Norwell out there Mike Vrabel will said something to me really intrigues about how he was not elected; he became captain of the team but what are we talking about, he is a captain.

So Norwell, the way he has been, I wanted to put him out there, and we did that.

Q. In light of what San Diego State did, first of all, have you seen anything on them, and secondly, what didn’t go right for them if you did get to see it?
COACH MEYER: They are arguably the best tailback we’ll face all year was injured, I believe in the first quarter. This Eastern Illinois team played outstanding and scored some big plays against man coverage.

Other than that, I see a defense, it’s an odd stacked 3 3 5 defense that they blitz, high percentage of pressures, their movement, they are a chaos defense that play really hard with some good players and offense, I think that they kind of stepped out of their comfort zone a little bit. They threw, I want to say 63 times or something like that.

I coached against Rocky Long before, excellent football coach, tough, guys play real hard. And they won, I believe nine games last year, which is not surprising for his coached teams.

Q. Following Roby, does he step right in as a starter?
COACH MEYER: He’s competing for a spot. He will not be named starter. Will be, probably I don’t know when we do the starter thing when do we do that? We’ll probably see Armani or Roby will start, depends on how they practice.

Q. What is Chris Fields doing now this year that allows him to contribute more than maybe this time a year ago?
COACH MEYER: One of the most improved players on our team. He’s involved in special teams. But we kind of have a rule around here that you can’t play unless you’re involved in special teams and he’s really done a nice job.

I admire Chris Fields. Chris Fields wasn’t in the Top 50 for playing a game last year, and he’s really the same talent. He’s just playing his tail off and doing a lot of things for us, and he’s doing it all right, too.

Q. Kenny said after the game that with the two point conversions that he has I don’t know how much freedom he has, but he’s looking at numbers, is that something that can happen at any time throughout the game? Is that the plan to let him decide that?
COACH MEYER: I went to the Fiesta Bowl and I watched Oregon do that early in the game and I just know it drives defensive coaches you have to work on it, and it’s also a chance to get some cheap points.

We have been working on that since last February. It worked pretty good. So I don’t know how often we’ll do that, I don’t know that. We usually decide that on Wednesday. But it’s in the package.

Q. You said you wanted to be a real aggressive defense this year, wondering with the new guys out there if you had to peel it back a little bit and not put so much pressure in press coverage?
COACH MEYER: I think that’s a correct statement, especially anybody that gets their first start we were down four special teams players, too.

The three names I just mentioned, Rod Smith, Roby and C.J. Barnett, I thought there was a fourth name but for sure those three guys are valued special teams members, as well.

And then Roby coming back now frees up Armani, who is a tremendous special teams player for us a year ago, and we had to be very cautious. He played a lot of football for us in that heat. That helps with our depth.

Q. We can expect maybe more press coverage?
COACH MEYER: I think. I think so. I think we all want to be a little more aggressive. We didn’t play as much bump and run coverage, however, we did pressure quite a bit.

Q. You were in Ohio at the time but do you have any memories of the Kardiac Kids?
COACH MEYER: Absolutely.

Q. And he was very accurate is that the most important thing, for a quarterback?
COACH MEYER: Oh, I think the most important thing for a quarterback is the competitive spirit as being a guy that I just love those guys. The best ones I’ve ever been around are the ones that refuse to lose in checkers or ping pong table or anything.

I say this quite often, unlike, really, unlike most any position in all of sport, the quarterback has more of a pulse; they are who your team is, usually and that’s why I like the energetic quarterbacks and really working on with Braxton, he came out pretty energetic and we had a lot of enthusiasm going. We just need to sustain that.

So I think competitive spirit is No. 1 and then toughness No. 1 and then ability to get over a bad play is No. 3. So I’m not sure if I’m asking your question, but that’s what I’m looking for.

Q. Specific memory of the Kardiac Kids?
COACH MEYER: I was young. I remember going to watching them play in the old stadium, loved it.

Q. Your former broadcast partner is going to call the game this week. Are you interested in his take or what he thinks of your team?
COACH MEYER: Is that Chris?

Q. Correct.
COACH MEYER: I talked to Chris last year. I talked to him and we talked about tackling. He’s one of those guys that has a very firm belief in tackling and he came in and we talked about it.

I’m sure we’ll talk this week, and I absolutely have interest in what he has to say. He knows football.

Q. You’ve got a chance to see Braxton’s personality this year, it just seems such a humble nice kid. How difficult is it with Manziel gone the pitfalls of fame and success for young guys?
COACH MEYER: I think in today’s day and age, everything gets exploded. You have to remember these are 19 and 20 year old young men. I just remember when I was 19 or 20, I did some things I wouldn’t be very proud of right now, and I’m 49.

But the difference was camera phones and blogs and Twitter and all that stuff didn’t gift, because if it did, I probably wouldn’t be standing here behind this microphone. And imagine a few of you wouldn’t be working where you are working, not to mention any names, Tim May (Laughter).

So I don’t know the whole story. I have a lot of respect for their coach and my heart always goes to the player, like, my gosh, if you want to leave them alone leave them alone and let them go play the game. But I get it.

Q. When you’ve watched film Bradley work over the last month, what have you seen about him? Have you seen what you wanted to see? Do you understand what I’m asking there? What will he bring, do you think?
COACH MEYER: Here I’m giving my take on Bradley Roby who I have a lot of respect for, and his mother, as well, is he made a decision to come back, and his decision to come back, I don’t know if he even announced why; it’s because he came in with a group of players and he wanted to finish, which I think is very admirable.

He catches a lot of people in his ear, people that, you know, you could have done this, you could have done this, and then after you’ve been told that for so long. So I believe that he went through a little bit of a funk of buyer’s remorse or whatever, and I’m not I think he would be a good one to talk to, because for a mature guy, at the right time, you can.

And I’ve seen ever since the incident that occurred, which was everything, once the videotape came out there, was no assault, there was no battery, there was no, whatever. But I think he learned a really strong lesson and he’s done everything we’ve asked him to do, and I’m anxious to get him back on the field.

Q. Second thing, special teams, have you seen somebody with Kerry Coombs as the coordinator? Have you seen, I don’t know, a more coordinated approach? It seemed to y’all seemed to have a pretty good day with those on Saturday.
COACH MEYER: He’s a little more organized than the previous coordinator we had here (Laughter).

Q. You know what I’m talking about.
COACH MEYER: With Kerry, the No. 1, I think I see out of Kerry’s organization No. 1 thing is energy, passion and motivation. He’s a tremendous motivator, very good in front of the team. And I have so much stuff going on, I want to be fair and to be able to devote because I devote a lot of time to our offense, too. I wanted to be fair, and I thought, you know what, he earned that right and I think he’s doing a very good job of it.

Q. Looking at the tape, some of the breakdowns of the offensive line, what are some of the things that you guys saw that were happening?
COACH MEYER: Well, we get beat a couple times and it gets exposed. For the most part we played okay. You just can’t get exposed.

The player they had, his stock in the draft just went up a little bit after playing against us. He did a very good job. He manhandled some guys and did a good job. So whenever that happens, what do you do, you go back to your fundamentals and keep working and keep grinding. I have the utmost confident in our offensive line and their position coach, what he did with them a year ago and what he is doing with them now; that they will play much better, and they have to.

But give credit where credit is due. There was issues, and the biggest issue is a fantastic football player that I mean, he could play anywhere at any school in America, that kid for Buffalo.

Q. You talked after the game, to score 40 points and you’re a little disappointed, that’s a good thing, but what did you think of the offense as a whole, and I know there’s probably not a point total that you’re shooting for each week, but do you have high expectations?
COACH MEYER: Very high expectations. I want to score every time we touch the ball. I’m disappointed if we don’t score. That’s, once again, high expectations.

However, we have some talented guys. Our coaching staff has been together and we should have been better. We came out of the gate the way I kind of envisioned, and we finished the game kind of like I imagined we would, too.

We had two long drives, one 10 play drive and one 14 play drive, and not one time did we call quarterback run in any of the times other than the one quarterback draw, and then one coming out of sweep. So that’s two for the entire course of the game.

Now we scramble when you play man coverage teams or man under teams like he did on a 3rd and 10, that’s whether you’re John Elway or Braxton Miller, that’s how you defeat man under coverage. And same thing with drop eight, they did a lot of three man, drop eight into coverage, and he kind of got out of there and scrambled. So that’s part of quarterback play. That was not designed runs for him.

So I have high expectations for our offense, very high, and I think we grade it very average for this game without taking any disrespect on our opponent, because they did a good job.

Q. Seems like both San Diego State and Cal the next two weeks are going to be offenses that are going to try to run a lot of plays; with some young guys on defense, and guys having cramping issues, do you think your defense is ready to face an offense that’s going to play that way?
COACH MEYER: I think we are more suited now that we get our two players back in the secondary. And I think our defensive line, that was the first time most of those kids have ever played. Curtis Grant first time he played a whole but the issue of cramping, we can’t have guys leave the game. Perry didn’t play that many plays, and all of a sudden he’s out of the game. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

We have to make sure our guys and I have to do a good job, the training staff and the players take care of yourself, because we can’t have those issues, because that will be a major league problem this week. I’m not worried about next week; we’ll discuss that next week.

But that will be a problem, if you look out there and some guys are cramping or they are not playing, then we’ve got a problem. No one has that much depth. C.J. Barnett and Roby being back is certainly going to help us, though.

Q. How ideal is it for you as a coach to, first of all, you won the game, there were a lot of good things early, but a lot of things that you can point to the last three quarters and say, you’re not anywhere close to where we want you to be; in that sense was it almost a perfect world for you as a coach?
COACH MEYER: I think complacency is certainly not a problem this week. There’s been times where you smoke a team and then all of a sudden, you’re going on Tuesday and you start trying to get after them and they are looking at you because they have just been told how great they are.

So I think that’s a very valid and is much cleaner than all of us would have liked to have seen it, and it’s a great opportunity for us to coach him hard and get better Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q. Question about Linsley. Offense played great with him in the game, can you give any definition to the injury and just how close he is to being 100 percent?
COACH MEYER: Yeah, he had surgery, in our last game, I believe, against a team up north. It wasn’t at Liz Franks; it was close. There was some issues with the bone separating and we thought it would be healed up. He went through off season and started bothering him, and we made a decision in spring practice, early in spring, because the doctor said the best thing was make sure, even on the MRIs or whatever, the X rays, that it showed that it looked okay.

But it was bothering him, and he’s a tough kid, so they put a screw in it, and those are long injuries. So he’s a little bit ahead of schedule even. So we played him I think 17 plays, and I wanted to put him back in and we had the decision on the sideline, let’s just keep going as is. He’ll play more and so he’ll just keep gradually getting better and better.

Q. Just interested in your view of the freshman debuts, is it kind of what you expected, the good and the bat?
COACH MEYER: Dontre was good, other than I think he laid on the ground, that was terrible, and he won’t play much if that happens again. I did think he showed some of the explosiveness that he has. We would like to get No. 15 a couple more carries.

On offense, had I think that might have been it the. James Clark just got in there for a few place. On defense, Joey Bosa has played very well. He’s earning a lot of time in the rotation. I’m really impressed with him.

Mike Hill continues to get better and tray Johnson played extensively. We didn’t really expect that to happen but Ryan went down with cramps early and hard time getting back. I believe that was it. Oh, Vonn Bell did very well and Cam Burrows did very well. That’s a great place to start to make a name here.

Q. Curtis Grant on the penalty, what do you tell
COACH MEYER: You tell him to stop. It’s silly. Actually we were watching video the other day and a kid you have to stop, and he was right there and I mean, he fell on the pile and he got a 15 yard penalty on a sack, but that’s the rule.

Q. Can you evaluate Cam
COACH MEYER: Okay, Armani, one or two, it was about a three play series where he had a penalty. They kind of the ball got deflected one time and they completed and they threw a fade on him in the end zone, so he got exposed there for a minute. But I think he’s a tough kid, he’s talented and I expect him to continue to get better and better and he certainly deserved to be in the rotation for playing corner.


Q. He referred a couple of times to giving Ezekiel touches, when you look at the running back depth that you have, how tough is it for guys to get in there?
COACH DRAYTON: Well, you know, it’s tough because you don’t have control of the actual events that take place during the course of the game.

You know, if I can sit there and have a crystal ball and say I’m going to have this exact amount of plays and that I can sit there and say, okay, well, these guys are going to get that number of plays within that set number, but it doesn’t work that way.

I’m always a firm believer if a running back gets the hot foot and gets in the rhythm during the course of the game, then it does that back an injustice for me to take him out at that time when he’s got a rhythm going.

So we had a little bit of those two scenarios going on this past weekend. Jordan got into a nice real rhythm. The game slowed down for him. He ripped off a couple of explosive runs and I felt real comfortable with him during the course of the game. Was not the initial game plan for me going in with those backs.

I really had the thought process of getting those guys in early on. But I’ve got to give credit to Buffalo. Buffalo presented some things to us that got us a little off rhythm at times and I had a veteran in there that I felt good about.

Q. Bri’onte Dunn, we heard all week about second, third guy in, and I don’t think he played a snap at all. Was it a performance issue? Discipline issue?
COACH DRAYTON: Again, it was just the flow of the game, I did not get him in there. You know, he’s a young man who works his butt off every single day. Those are the tough decisions that I have to make as a positional coach at times, and it doesn’t feel good. You know, when you sit there on a daily basis and you watch a kid like Bri’onte work his tail off.

We have a thing around here, that all of our players are held to the standard of, if you find your way on special teams, then you can find your way on the offense or on the defensive side of the ball, and Bri’onte needs to continue to compete with his teammates to find a little bit more of a role on special teams so that he gets an opportunity to play on offense, it’s justified.

Q. Jordan Hall obviously had a big game, such a tough year for him last year. What kind of changes have you seen in him, as a player, as a person, this year?
COACH DRAYTON: Well, he’s made an unbelievable change as a person. He’s grown tremendously. All the adversities that he had to face with the injuries and some of the things that he quite honestly put on himself with the consequences that he had to face, he’s really grown and embraced all those things and now it’s transferring into his football play.

He’s a mature individual on the football field, very smart. You know, he can sit there and come out of a series of the game and sit down on the bench and tell you exactly what goes on.

And again, that’s a very comfortable thing for a positional coach that’s out there who doesn’t quite have the vision that the players have while they are out there playing and come back to the sideline and provide the information that he does, really helps us to keep the flow of our game day adjustments going and puts us in good position to have success.

So, you know, that by itself is a tremendous quality to have in an individual during the course of the game.

Q. He was originally going to be the hybrid and now he’s the tailback; how do you see his role evolving, especially with Smith coming back and Carlos Hyde coming back?
COACH DRAYTON: The beauty of Jordan, again, like I said, his strength is his intelligence on the football field and he has been cross trained and he is continually being cross trained at both of those positions.

So with the addition of Rod Smith coming back, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Jordan Hall’s role gets lesser. No, it just may be distributed a little bit differently throughout the scheme.

We’ll see as we get a better feel for San Diego State and what they present to us, and we will define those roles real soon here.

Q. What do you want to see, Coach Meyer was talking about Rod Smith, if he has a good week of practice, whatever, he could be in the mix. What do you want to see from him in this week of practice?
COACH DRAYTON: Well, Rod Smith is an energy provider and like anything else, Rod Smith has to show his value on special teams rather early this week in practice. But Rod Smith, he brings the power component. He’s a guy who plays on contact. He plays through contact.

You know, he gives you a nice match up against bigger backers coming through the line of scrimmage and sometimes those backs are forced to block on their defensive ends, and he’s a big body type, as well. You know, really, all phases. Rod is a commodity to this football team and having him back is definitely a plus for us.

Q. And then Saturday, like with Bri’onte Dunn not getting to play and stuff, but with Dontre Wilson, y’all wanted to see some things from him and Ezekiel, was that part of the mix going in? Talk about how you played that I guess.
COACH DRAYTON: Well, we went into the game, you know, with the mind set if we can get these freshmen in the ballgame, you know, in the shoe, in front of 107,000 fans, we really wanted to see how they respond to that. You never know what you’re going to get from a true freshman in that environment.

So, yeah, we definitely wanted to see if they were going to be an individual that gets in there and just kind of goes with the flow and gets in the rhythm, attacks the game or if it’s going to be an individual who flinches because of the threat of the atmosphere.

But no, both of those two kids passed the test. Got to find a way to get them more involved. But we are extremely excited about the God given talent that they present to this offense, there’s no doubt about that.

Q. Is there such a thing as telling Dontre Wilson slowdown?
COACH DRAYTON: I’ve never seen him slow down. No, everything is a hundred miles an hour.

Q. When he dropped the ball, he seemed a little frantic, excited maybe is the word.
COACH DRAYTON: Yeah, that’s the word. That kid is not afraid of anything. He is not fazed by much at all. It’s a matter of him getting in the rhythm of things, and, you know, I’ll be disappointed if he’s not better this week than he was last week, and I think that will continue to progress throughout the whole entire year for that young man.

Q. Warren Ball was the first running back in the game, I know he only got two carries, what does that say that he was the top backup in there?
COACH DRAYTON: These guys get what they deserve, and he obviously made me feel comfortable during the course of last week’s practice for me to put him in the ballgame.

He’s a young man who is very conscientious and does a lot right. Hey, you know, he’s a freshman out there, too, last week. It was his first time getting the chance to play, so I didn’t know what to expect there, either.

But very, very pleased with the way he responded out there and the way he played and his aggressiveness with the ball, without the ball. He really proved to me that he can be trustworthy out there in a game situation.

Q. With Bri’onte, he came in such a talented recruit, do you have to keep his head up when he’s not getting carries
COACH DRAYTON: That group is very, very competitive, no doubt about it. So the answer is yes, you have to keep them encouraged. You have to keep them on the grind. They have to just put their head down and just grind and earn what it is they want, and that is a message that is delivered to them from the moment they walk through this door. I mean, this is Ohio State, and we pride ourselves on loading up our positional groups with the best talent in the country. I think he understands that. So as long as he continues to work and keep on pushing forward, I think Bri’onte did you know will be more than fine here at Ohio State.

Q. Urban said after the game Saturday, 40 points, almost a little disappointing; how many points should this team score?
COACH DRAYTON: Well, you know, I don’t know if it’s a matter of points. I think it is with Urban, but I think it was more a matter of how we played at times. We weren’t very consistent at times.

You know, just some fundamental things reared its head, or lack thereof, for that matter. I thought we played extremely level. Our pad level was high across the board. Buffalo played underneath us.

And then there was times when we kind of got off of rhythm and the response wasn’t quite the way we wanted it from our football players.

And if we had everything lined up and the stars were perfect, I think that, yes, we had plenty of opportunity to put more points on the board but the thing that we need to address immediately is just fundamentally where did the breakdowns take place and why.

We didn’t see those issues in practice; why in a game setting does it rear its head and that’s the maturity of the team, and that’s the leadership of the team and that’s just people stepping up in those roles and making sure that that doesn’t happen again.

Q. Fifty?
COACH DRAYTON: Fifty sounds good, as long as we are at least one or two more points more than our opponent.

Q. Dealing with it this week and you’ll deal with it again with Carlos Hyde a couple weeks; is there an overall staff philosophy or philosophy you have with guys coming off suspensions and getting them back in the mix? Are they just back or do they have to prove something?
COACH DRAYTON: What they do is they have to come in and earn their position back. Nothing is given to these guys. Again, it starts with special teams. We have a philosophy that if you want to play your respective position, you have to provide some value to this team on special teams, and that is truly our philosophy here.

So if Carlos Hyde gets reinstated, and he can add some value to our special teams, then great. Then we’ll sit there and we’ll take a good look at where he stands in that running back group.

Q. What are your early impressions of San Diego State, and how much can you glean from their opening tape?
COACH DRAYTON: Yeah, they lost a tough one this past week against Eastern Illinois, but I’m going to tell you, they bring some speed to the table defensively. I think they have a disruptive nose. They like to play similar to what Buffalo plays in their defensive scheme as far as some odd fronts, some three do you know fronts. They are a 3 3 mentality football team and they just do some things from a blitz standpoint that can cause some problems if we are not up on our game.

But the one thing I can see on film is that they are well coached, they get off blocks on defense, they run around and they are always around the football. So we have got to be very, very tight with our game plan so that our players can play extremely fast against all the different looks that San Diego State will present.

Q. The Aztec position, he can be on the defensive line and then playing at safety the next; how much does that increase the difficulty of reading what they are presenting?
COACH DRAYTON: It presents a lot of, you know, complications if, again, if we are not on point with what we are telling our kids to look at. But no, he’s a very disruptive football player. He’s run support and like you said, sometimes he plays the center of the field. But if you are going to play the center of the field against us with the speed that we have on the perimeter, you’d better at some point declare one or the other.

We are going to take a good look at that. The one thing that I can say is that he is a smart football player. He is a very physical football player and we definitely need to be aware of where he is every player.

Q. Does it look like everything is called for him or does he have carte blanche?
COACH DRAYTON: You can definitely tell that the scheme is built around his talents, no doubt about it. He’s playing right down the middle of that defense. So he’s definitely an important piece to that scheme.

Q. Who gets in at what order do they read a lot of that as well as we do?
COACH DRAYTON: I’m sure they do but the one thing I try to be with these kids is fair, and I don’t want things hitting them sideways. So they know what’s expected of them. They know what’s expected of them in their role to this football team.

So a lot of those concerns are addressed before the game.


Q. Urban talked about your great organizational skills, but your personality seems to be a pretty good mesh for a special teams coordinator; how much does your personality inject into that unit there?
COACH COOMBS: Well, I don’t know how much my personality does, but I think the personality of the team is one of high energy, excitement. I love our kids. I love how hard they play.

I’ve really incorporated Mike Vrabel into a lot of the stuff we are doing because he’s played on those units and he’s done a phenomenal job at the highest level and he brings a ton of energy to the practice and the game, as well.

So I think our kids and I think our kids understand the priorities special teams plays for our team. So I think they play really hard as a result of that.

Q. Philly Brown seemed to have some trouble fielding some he didn’t field any clean punts yesterday. How much do you guys have to clean that up?
COACH COOMBS: I think the first time really being out there at that time of day with a high sky and a bright sun, when I talked to Philly after the game, that was the biggest issue. I think it will be better. I know it will be better this week. He’s an experienced kid and I trust him back there and I wouldn’t have any concerns about that.

Q. Your third recruiting class here, how do you feel you’ve grown now that you have the mentorship of Coach Meyer?
COACH COOMBS: I think recruiting is a 365 day process at Ohio State. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about, focus on and participate in some recruiting active ties here.

That, I think is I won’t say it’s unique, but I would say there are very few programs anywhere that recruit as hard or as often as we do. I’ve learned a great deal both strategically and organizationally about recruiting and I would say that because this is a national program, the balance of your recruiting changes a little bit from what I had done in the past.

Kids are still kids. Communication is still communication. There’s just more of them and certainly more time spent on it here.

Q. Do you change how you approach your own business?
COACH COOMBS: I’m learning every day. I think that I’m recruiting with a bunch of really, really good recruiters. So I’ll ask Tom Herman or Mike Vrabel or Stan Drayton or any of those guys, and we share information freely and willingly and I think that’s what a team of guys does.

And if they got a kid who is a really good player and they have, what did you do, what worked; I asked guys all the time what works in recruiting. What I go into a high school, I ask the high school coaches, what is this guy doing on this staff; what’s a difference maker for him.

I’m trying to learn all the time and I frankly think our head coach is one of the best recruiters that I’ve ever seen anywhere and he is constantly a source of information for us.

Q. Urban had said that he plans right now to make Bradley and Armani an or situation; you won’t split up the reps 50/50, right?
COACH COOMBS: We have a ton of reps available at practice as you can imagine. We’ll get a lot of work in and rotate those three guys, Doran, Armani and Bradley with the first team because that’s what we always have done and have been pretty consistent with that throughout training camp.

Pulled obviously Bradley back last week from reps in practice because it wasn’t pertinent to the game on Saturday and then we’ll rotate the other guys with the second group so our kids are playing both field and boundary and getting used to all the situations that might come up during the course of the game, so they will all get plenty of reps this week.