COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State president Dr. E. Gordon Gee met with the Ohio State Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) Monday evening at the Ohio Union.

Dr. Gee shared some impressive statistics about the university before turning his attention toward the sports world and ending with words of wisdom about becoming successful leaders in and out of the classroom.

“Athletics teaches students leadership and discipline,” Gee said after the meeting. “There’s a natural leadership equation involved with the students in SAAB. The group is great with connecting the student-athletes with the rest of the university.”

The members of the group were excited to hear from the university’s president.

“It was great seeing president Gee here tonight,” senior women’s tennis player Cami Hubbs said of the visit. “He shared some great points of advice, including having tough skin and learning from mistakes. It was a lesson all of us in SAAB can learn from.”

With support from the Ohio State Athletic Department and the NCAA CHAMPS Program, the Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) consists of representatives from each of the 36 varsity sports and has an active Executive Committee that aims to lead discussions in support of current, student-athlete topics and issues that are affecting student-athletes here at Ohio State, and nationally. The representatives act as liaisons between SAAB, the Athletic Department, SASSO, and the 36 varsity teams.

Additionally, the group discusses, creates, and organizes opportunities for Buckeyes to give back to the community through volunteering and special events.