Club Seats

The Ohio Stadium Club Seat Program will give you:

  • Tickets to all home football games
  • Exclusive access to the Stadium Club (similar to the Huntington Club in the Jerome Schottenstein Center)
  • Extra wide chair-back seats
  • Expanded food and beverage menu
  • The first opportunity to retain your Club Seats when your Club Seat gift agreement expires
  • Opportunity for VIP parking

SEATING LEVELSAs a Buckeye Club Member at the Big Ten Champions Level and above, you are among a select few Buckeye fans who are eligible for Club Seats. With Club Seats, you can choose from three prime seating sections and select up to six seats per year in one of the three available club seating sections for a 4 year term.

  • Silver – Seats located between the 25 and  35-yard lines. Silver section seats cost $2,850 per seat per year.
  • Gold – Seats located between the 35 and 45-yard lines on both sides of midfield. Gold Section seats  cost $3,600 per seat per year
  • Platinum – Seat located between the 45 – yard lines. Platinum sections seats cost $4,000 per seat per year

For more information please e-mail the club services department at