No. 4/4 Purdue 60 (22-3, 10-3), No. 9/12 Ohio State 57 (20-7, 10-4)
Feb. 17, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Value City Arena
Attendance: 19,049


Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On lack of focus
“The team wasn’t as tuned in as we normally are. We were slow reacting to plays. Not exactly sure what it was that made us lose the game. I will have to look at film to be sure.”
On the sting of the loss
“All losses sting. There’s no good feeling after a loss, but on the same token it’s college basketball. We’ll look at our mistakes, get them corrected and play more basketball. To give these guys credit, when we were 1-3 we could have hung our heads but we kept pushing, and that’s what we have to do now.”
On what to do now
“The first thing we have to ask is how to get better. Second, we have so much basketball still to be played. When you go on a run of nine-straight wins, you have to ask what we didn’t do well today and keep moving on.”
On the last shot
“Honestly, I had one eye on the shot clock and one on Buford bringing the ball down the court. I couldn’t have drawn up a play to get [Diebler] a better shot. He had a great look; it just didn’t go in.”

Evan Turner, Ohio State junior guard
Where the game went wrong
“It slipped away in the first 20 minutes. We were digging out of a hole for most of the game, and it kind of just carried over. The ball just didn’t go in. They were good shots and that happens.”
On the Buckeyes’ opportunities to win
“We had confidence shooting the shots and we were all capable of making plays. We definitely had opportunities to win, but that just didn’t happen. We didn’t think about being tired we just thought about winning the game.”     
Jon Diebler, Ohio State junior guard
On missing the final shot and not protecting their home court
“I got a good look and I should have knocked it down. They made shots, we didn’t. No excuses. We condition for this. I mean this is the Big Ten; it’s hard to play in. We’re very confident, but we didn’t protect our home court like we said we should have, but it’s not the end of the world.”
On giving Purdue credit
“You have to give them credit. Purdue really prides themselves on shooting the ball and taking advantage of the gaps. Like Evan [Turner] said, with a team like that, it’s hard to dig yourself a hole and come out successful. There were times when we were executing as well as we have all year, and we know we still have four more games left.”
On the fans’ support
“The fans were great tonight. Playing a Top 5 team, you couldn’t ask for better fans. We really appreciate them coming out and supporting us. They kind of gave us the energy we needed. It’s just one of those games. I mean we’re frustrated, but it’s not the end of the world.”

Matt Painter, Purdue head coach
On his team’s performance
“We put ourselves in a good position with our play, but we knew they would make a run. Luckily, they seemed to go into a bit of a lull around the same time we did and we also did a good job disrupting them. We did struggle at points though. It seemed like sometimes we just had trouble with the basic pass and catch.”
On Keaton Grant’s play
“Keaton was the difference in the game. When they put so much pressure on guys like Robbie Hummel, it’s important for someone to step up and make shots and he did. It also left JaJuan Johnson open when they put extra pressure on our other guys and he played well for us.”
On playing in the Big Ten
“We dug ourselves a hole in conference play by going 2-3 during one stretch. We knew we would need some special play to get back into the mix and that’s what we’ve gotten as of late. Now our reward is that we get to play Illinois. In the Big Ten, it never stops.”
On his team’s ability to maintain a lead
“We’ve really had a problem holding a lead this season. It’s a good problem to have because most teams would like to have these big leads. In the first game against Ohio State we were up by 13 with about eight minutes to go and we ended up losing that one. When you can hang in there in tough games it says a lot about your team.”