No. 21 Ohio State 76 (14-5, 4-3), Northwestern 56 (13-5, 2-4)
Jan. 19, 2010
Value City Arena
Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 13,324

Ohio State postgame quotes
Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the momentum of the game
“I thought we got out to a good start, especially on defense, which opened up some things offensively. When you play a team like Northwestern, they do so many different things you never know what’s coming. You try to play perfect, but you can’t. Our guys did a good job of changing on the fly.”

On Northwestern’s defense
“They’re a passing lane defense – you have to get angles to deliver the ball. I think we did a good job moving off the bounce and getting to the passer.”

On conference play at home
“It’s a lot harder than it looks. It’s something that after 10 years in the conference race, the home court is very important. You always defend home court and go on the road and maybe you get some you weren’t supposed to.”

On Evan Turner
“He was a little tired down the stretch, but he’s getting back no doubt about it. I think our guys did a good job finding him and he did a good job finding the bounce. The flow is getting a little bit better. His competition is at an all time high and when he started back we threw him into the fire.”

On the score
“I’m a little shocked we had 40 at the half. When you play a team like Northwestern, they try to affect your flow.”

Evan Turner, junior guard
On striving to anticipate more
“I thought in practice we really attacked. We’re all getting each other involved in the game, but we need to get back to work on Thursday. Overall, I think I have to anticipate things better. I don’t think it has as much to do with physical awareness as it does with the mental part.”

On the team’s overall performance
“I think we did well. Holding a team like Northwestern to 56 points is key. That’s really big for us. They were a good team in both the first and second half.”

Dallas Lauderdale, junior center
On practice
“The way we’ve been practicing, coach has been stressing toughness, composure and attacking. We just wanted to attack whatever they did.”

On strength of the Big Ten Conference
“You can never take it easy against any Big Ten team. They’re so strong this year. You have to bring it every night against any college basketball team, especially in the Big Ten.”

On rebounding
“With a team like Northwestern, we know the shot clock is going to come into play. Getting the defensive rebound is so important. For Evan to go get rebounds offensively is huge and if I have the length there’s no reason we shouldn’t get rebounds.”

Jon Diebler, junior guard
On getting the team’s timing down
“Having (Evan Turner) back in the lineup just makes us that much better of a team. I think we’re getting our timing down both offensively and defensively. We have a lot of guys who can make plays on the floor. When we’re moving the ball like that it’s pretty tough to defend.”

On being forced to elevating their game
“Obviously, we would have loved having Evan in all the games this year, but it forced guys to elevate their game in ways that maybe they’re not used to doing. Evan is the best player in the country and having him back really makes us click. When we’re all on the same page, we feel like the sky’s the limit for us.”

Northwestern postgame quotes
Bill Carmody, Northwestern head coach
On Northwestern’s performance
“Ohio State jumped on us early and we were never really in it. They passed the ball well and got some good shots as a result. On our side, we didn’t get many good looks and the ones we did get we weren’t hitting. Ohio State is playing as well as anyone right now.”

On his team’s emotions following a victory over Purdue
“We had a lousy day at practice yesterday and I think that definitely showed today. Not to take anything away from OSU though. We never thought we would be able to just walk into Columbus and win after beating Purdue at home.”

On Ohio State’s ability to drive to the basket
“Their guards are big and they passed it over our guys a lot. We weren’t really able to match up regardless of what defense we were playing. They knew what they wanted to do. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but they executed very well.”