Ohio State 79 (11-4, 1-2), Indiana 54 (7-7, 1-1)
Jan. 6, 2010
Value City Arena
Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 13,712

Ohio State postgame quotes
Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On Ohio State’s overall performance
“Tonight I think the defense played well. I think that was one area of our game we needed to step up and be more consistent with. Our offense had a good flow and making some shots definitely helped.”

On Evan Turner returning to the lineup
“Overall Evan’s return was good tonight. Yesterday at practice he was a little bit sloppy but I was pretty pleased with his overall performance. Having his size on the court really just helps the team.”

On Jon Diebler
“Last night at practice, Jon had a big smile on his face because he finally got some open looks on the 3-point line. After getting Evan back in the lineup, it’s just going to take some time to get Jon back to his normal level.”

On calling an early time out in the first half
“We really just weren’t ready to play. We only had one day of preparation and a few things that were vital just weren’t happening at the beginning.”

On Ohio State’s defense
“Our defense got a really big start. Having Evan Turner in there is good. He gets his hands on the ball and can open up the offensive game.”

On Evan Turner starting
“We really started Evan tonight just because we wanted to get him back into his routine. It was very nice we got to get him his first start at home and nice to be in this building.”

Evan Turner, junior guard
On getting back in the game
“I knew a week ago that I felt pretty good. I’m just glad we won and it’s good to have confidence going into a game with a team like Minnesota. I felt perfectly fine with no worries. It’s pretty cool to finally be back, it feels like having a driver’s license and a car at the same time. It’s like having a lot of freedom.”

On regaining team chemistry
“I got in foul trouble quick. I know they wanted to ease me back in and thankfully we won big so everyone had a chance to play. Hopefully when games get tough I will to go back to forwarding. I was just trying to get back into the flow of things and pick up on the chemistry again.”

Jon Diebler, junior guard/forward
On Evan Turner’s return
“I think everyone was very excited just because you had that extra threat in a guy like Evan who can do it all. I thought we were clicking on all cylinders tonight and Evan did a great job of managing the game. He didn’t try to force anything. It was nice to have him back. We always play off each other because Evan does such a great job of getting inside and playing in the paint and it kind of leaves me open for getting a shot.”

On Evan Turner’s role on the team
“Last night we had a really physical practice and I think coach just sent the message early on that we needed to get tougher. Evan has just been so positive with everything, helping people out and teaching people on the fly and that just shows how much of a leader he is on this team.”

Indiana postgame quotes
Tom Crean, Indiana head coach

On his team’s performance
“We were not tough enough or aggressive enough on either end of the court. We played like a team in its first road game of the season and we are capable of being better than that. Our lack of communication and togetherness is a major concern for us.”

On leadership
“We have to continue to develop it. It’s a process that’s never going to go as fast as I’d like for it go. We don’t have enough guys yet that have had success at this level.”

On if there were signs of an upcoming loss in preparation for the game
“Practice and preparation for this game had been excellent. Games are just a different environment. Ohio State has a good team. There was nothing leading up to the game that pointed to a poor performance.”