Feb. 10, 2013

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the offensive firepower of Indiana
“Tyler [Zeller] was really finishing well inside tonight, but we hurt ourselves with some easy put-backs. We didn’t guard them as well as we needed to at times.”

On back-to-back ranked opponents
“It’s tough for sure, but we just didn’t have what we needed to win this game today. We didn’t do some of the things we had to in order to win, we have to finish through contact better.”

On Indiana’s ability to draw fouls
“Amir [Williams] going out early was a big blow to us defensively. He has the ability to alter a lot of shots inside and he has been playing well for us. The game also seemed to be called a little tighter, but we just didn’t adjust.”

On feel for the ability of this team
“We are getting better each game. We have had our chances against ranked teams this year but we haven’t been able to get wins. Every game is a challenge.”

On lack of experience
“Experience is a big part of imposing your will on a team. This team has shown they can play great basketball, but don’t have a ton of experience in imposing their will.”

Evan Ravenel , senior center
On Indiana closing out the game
“They just executed their game plan.  They took shots and made shots.  It was their defense and toughness.”

On the tight officiating
“In these types of games, you just can’t put the outcome in the officials’ hands.”

Aaron Craft, junior guard
On where the game got away
“It was nothing in particular, it seemed like they played so well for a lot of the game.  They just kept their composure throughout.”

On the defensive performance of the Buckeyes
“It was not our type of defense today. Those guys made big shots and were tough to defend.”

On Indiana’s improvement from last season
“As a team they have a lot of experience, experience playing together for a while which is really valuable.  We can’t feel sorry for ourselves — just have to move on to the next one.”

Deshaun Thomas, junior forward
On the two-consecutive losses
“Michigan was one of the best games I’d played in. I felt that our minds were ready for this game with Indian, but they just seemed to get a lot of the 50-50 balls today.”

On Cody Zeller and the Indiana starters
“Zeller is good.  Simply put, they all played well and were relaxed throughout.”

Tom Crean, Indiana head coach
On Ohio State
“Ohio State is the real deal. Aaron [Craft] sets the pace for OSU and tries to set the pace for other teams. We couldn’t let them set the pace. It was an incredibly tough environment and I thought our team handled it well.”

On developing an ability to put a team away
It takes consciousness. When our guys absorb what they need to do and do it, that’s when you can put a team away.”

On Indiana’s style of play
“We are focused so much on team. While others might have the best frontcourt or defensive backcourt in the country, we’re trying to have the best team. You have to have great players to have the best team.”