December 9, 2017

Postgame Quotes: Ohio State 97, William and Mary 62


Dec. 9, 2017


Ohio State 97 (8-3, 2-0 B1G), William & Mary 62 (6-3, 0-0 CAA)
Dec. 9, 2017
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio

Attendance: 11,158

Chris Holtmann, Ohio State head coach

On how he felt about how the team started the game

“Outside of the first few minutes when we were just trading baskets with them, I was pleased with that. We have tried to talk to our guys about the importance of this: finishing non conference stretch. You are coming back into non conference play after coming off of conference play and just how important that is. I think that our guys are motivated to hopefully do this well and more than anything we need to be motivated to continue to improve from one performance to the next.”


On C.J. Jackson’s performance

“I’ve been pleased with a lot of what C.J.’s done. I was asked that question about sending a message, and I don’t know if its sending a message as much as that is what coaches do. We are trying to help him understand that he can improve in this area.”


On what he sees differently about the team’s 3-point attempts

“I think we are taking better ones. We tell guys all the time, look at your numbers right now. If you are shooting 22%, there’s a reason for that. A lot of that has to do with the quality of the shot you’re taking and I think we are taking higher quality 3’s than what we took at times earlier in the year.”


Keita Bates-Diop, Junior Forward 

On coming off two big wins and a few days break 

We had two Big Ten wins, however, we knew that wasn’t going to help us win this next game. We had to come out aggressive and after fifteen minutes we really picked it up and pulled our lead.”


On having a strong man down low like Kaleb Wesson who can pass out of the post

“It helps out a lot because we are all ready to shoot. He can score down low, so teams have to respect that. He is good at finding the open guy on the perimeter.”


On what keeps him on his game 

“It’s a mindset. Coach is doing a great job of getting me there. It’s ultimately on me obviously, but coach is not afraid to pull me or sit me for a stretch of time if I’m not doing the things I need to be doing. It keeps me on my toes.”


Kam Williams, Senior Guard 

On to first initial big lead over William & Mary 

“The lead felt good, but we are always on our toes because they are always capable of putting a lot of points up with their threes. They were shooting threes a lot in the first half so at halftime we had to make that adjustment and put more pressure on them.”


On teammates, Kaleb Wesson’s game 

“It doesn’t surprise me that he is playing so well because he has been doing it all season, all summer, and every practice. He is going out there and playing his talents. We all believe in him, so this isn’t a huge surprise to us.”


On Kaleb Wesson’s steal and dunk at the end of the game

“I was just as surprised at you! One, I have never seen him run that fast. Two, I have never seen him dunk off a run like that one. It got us all excited.”


Tony Shaver, William & Mary head coach 

On team’s performance today… 

“We were humbled by a team that is much better than we are today. Their size and their athleticism at every position… thy really just out-manned us. You know, to beat a team of that quality, execution has to be at an all-time high level, and it just wasn’t. I give Ohio State credit for that. I thought they were terrific defensively, just terrific. They really prepared well for us.”


On having to sit Nathan with only six-point deficit… 

“The change was obviously huge. We don’t have much depth inside and we knew that coming into today. Nathan having to sit… you know, it was only a six-point game at that point and we were playing pretty solid basketball. We weren’t getting enough stops, but still playing pretty solidly. Him having to sit because of foul trouble changed the game tremendously.”


On not coming up as big as normal on three-point scoring… 

“In my opinion, obviously you can ask Chris, but I think that’s exactly what they tried to take away from us. I mean they really guarded Connor Burchfield and Matt Milon on the perimeter and didn’t give them shots. When you have two of our best players like those boys combine for only four points, it’s just not a good formula for us really. “