December 19, 2017

Postgame Quotes: Ohio State 94, The Citadel 65


Dec. 19, 2017

Ohio State 94 (10-3, 2-0 B1G), The Citadel 65 (5-7, 0-0 Southern)
Dec. 19, 2017
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 10,752

Chris Holtman, Ohio State head coach
On team coming out and not overlooking Citadel
“I was happy with how they came out. We have tried to concentrate on staying in the moment as much as possible. I think the bottom line is that we need to respect every opponent because the reality is that you can lose at any time. I think you see that every night in college basketball. We did know on paper that the team coming here was a team we had advantages over, so it was good to see our guys have the right approach heading into the last two nonconference games.”

On Micah Potter’s playing time
“He’s a little rusty, I think that’s obvious, but that is to be expected. Tonight was more realistic of how I wanted to play him. He needed to play tonight, but he has got to shake off some rust and get back into a rhythm. It might take a few weeks. Injuries are tough, we understand in sport that it’s no one’s fault… it’s not his fault that he got injured, but he does need to earn his minutes back. To do that he needs to come in and impact winning.”

Duggar Baucom, Citadel head coach
On Ohio State’s defense
”They kept us out of the paint. We are pretty much a dribble drive team, so we drive it and kick it out. They were on the close outs and contested a lot of shots. There is an artificial line we try to get to, and they kept us out of there. It made it very difficult to finish shots inside. We are more of a perimeter team anyway. The only way we get shots inside is if we are able to spread you out. We never got Ohio State spread out enough. Credit to Chris for that, he had those guys lasered in.”

On trying to stop Ohio State’s offense
“We play a lot of zones, and we play multiple zones on defense. We did make them shoot 35 threes, but unfortunately they made 13 of them. They made three of them on Saturday against App State. So I was hoping for a similar shooting performance like that. In a game like this for us, you kind of just play the odds.”

Andrew Dakich, Ohio State graduate guard
On the team’s five-game win streak
“I think we just have a veteran team. Kam (Williams) has been around for five years now, Tate and Bates-Diop have both been around too. We always preach that you can become either better or worse on this day. We’ve seen teams come in here who are major and come and beat us. Underdogs can come in here and this is like their championship, so we’ve got to match their intensity and come out swinging every night.”

On the team’s struggle with offensive rebounding
“I thought there was a lot of bounces off the rim that were kind of falling into their lap. We huddled up and were talking about how we had to block out harder. They were crashing hard, with usually four guys, and most times you only see three guys crash. They were crashing the whole time, and credit to them because they out-willed us there and got those rebounds.”

Kam Williams, Ohio State red shirt senior guard
On challenges of playing Citadel
“We had to keep up with their pace. They have a really intense motion offense, and we felt like we got that under wraps. If we would have been able to transition better into offense we would have been better.”

On the ball movement in the game
“We just want to give our team the best shot. If that means passing up good ones to get great ones, then that is just what we need to do. We thrive better when we space the floor and when the ball is moving because we know from experience that when it sticks our percentages aren’t as good. So, we’re going to play to our strengths to be successful.”