No. 20 Ohio State 85 (16-6, 6-3 Big Ten), Minnesota 63 (13-8, 4-5 Big Ten)
Jan. 31, 2010
Value City Arena
Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 17,125

Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the 1960 team and the weekend’s festivities
“It was a great weekend. The opportunity for our guys to interact with the 1960 team was special. Last night’s banquet was also fantastic. We just are really appreciative of them being here.”
On the play of William Buford
“He’s a tough kid and he played extremely hard. For a guy who just had an emergency root canal last Tuesday, he played pretty well.”
On the offensive execution

“We were focused offensively and took good shots. Everything we did on offense started with ball movement, and we had a lot of success moving it around the perimeter. We also were excellent with our screening. Minnesota throws a lot of different looks at you defensively, and I thought we handled them well.”

Tubby Smith, Minnesota head coach
On his team’s performance
“We didn’t give ourselves much of a chance today. We have to play smarter and harder. Ohio State is a talented team. Right now, they’re playing well and we aren’t. We just aren’t defending well, but there were some bright spots out there.”

On his team’s defense
“Plain and simple, we didn’t defend today. It was the worst defense that I’ve seen us play in a very long time.”

On Ohio State guard Evan Turner
“Turner is just so patient and unselfish on the court and he gets everyone involved. He’s a very long and athletic player. When we played Ohio State in Minneapolis that was Turner’s first game back. Right now, he’s healthy and he’s playing sharp.”

On using a full-court press to defend Ohio State
“We tried the press in the first half and it didn’t work. One of our biggest problems was that we couldn’t force any turnovers. We haven’t been playing well in our half-court offense so we tried to give ourselves some opportunities by pressuring the other team. We just had a lot of trouble in the first half.”

Jon Diebler, junior guard
On talking with the 1960 team
“It was an awesome experience. They are legends. Having them talk to us after practice yesterday and going to the banquet was great. It gives me goose bumps. They are some of the greatest to ever play.”

On getting more open looks
“It really comes from our big guys getting set and getting really good screens. Evan, Will and Dave have been playing so well they pull attention away from me. It feels really good. We played well the whole game which is something we’ve been struggling with the past few games. We played good offense and defense and a strong first and second half.”

On playing at home
“It’s a great atmosphere to play in. Our fans are amazing and we have one of the nicest arenas. It’s a tough place to play for other teams. We’re really clicking together as a team. You always have to defend your home court in the Big Ten.”

On the offense
“We got a lot of easy buckets in transition. It starts with the defense getting the ball back fast. We’re really confident with our half-court game which helps as well.”

On Evan Turner
“He’s one of the best in the country. When Evan draws so much attention we have to be ready. It makes us better players as well.”

Evan Turner, junior guard
On how the 1960 team averaged 90 points a game
“That’s amazing. I think we’d all be happy if we could achieve that. We’d all be getting about 20 points a game.”

On the Big Ten conference
“It’s a very strong conference. Anything can happen. You have to show up every day to play because anyone can be beaten on any day by anyone.”

On keeping Blake Hoffarber out of the game
“We just played normal defense. I don’t think we specifically focused on him. We put a lot of pressure on the ball. It was a team effort.”

On the key to the offense
“We really just kept a mental note to remember to space the floor the whole game. It really helped out not having all five guys in a little cluster.”

William Buford, junior guard
On the game
“It was a fun game. The easy transition made for lots of open looks and lots of alleys.”