November 16, 2017

Postgame Quotes: Ohio State 82, Texas Southern 64


Nov. 16, 2017

Postgame Quotes
Ohio State 82 (3-0, 0-0 B1G), Texas Southern 64 (0-3, 0-0 Southwestern Athletic)
November16, 2017
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 9,984

Chris Holtman, Ohio State head coach

On the game

“We are a work in progress, we are learning a lot about this group, first and foremost how we respond in those moments. We have a lot to work on, but we can each take that and build on it.”

On cutting down on turnovers
C.J. had nine and two which was good today. This was interesting for us because they had not played zone, but about two or three possessions in the first two games. So they had a player out, we had a player out, we thought they could zone, but this early in the year you’re not as well equipped to face zones as you would like to be. That’s on me to make sure we improve in that area.”

On Micah quoting coach with the phrase “having fun”
“There is a part of this were the game is stressful, no questions about it. There is also a part of this where if you’re doing this and working as hard as we are working, and if in those moments you can’t say, ‘Listen, this is exciting and should elevate something within me.’ Then I don’t want you in the game. There is an embracing of that moment that is important if you want to perform well.”

On Kaleb Wesson’s one game suspension
“He took it really well. Kaleb is a great kid and this is a part of maturation for freshman. Today is when I finalized my decision along with our coaching staff. He is very important in what we are doing, obviously we really could have used him. He would have been really effective in tackling some of the zone here tonight but he responded great and I heard him more than anyone else on the bench, which was great to see.”

Micah Potter, Ohio State sophomore center

On what is different this season from last
“Well, you learn from your mistakes. Over the past couple of years we very well may have lost that game. Coach was just saying that this is exactly what we want when we were in the huddle. There’s always going to be times of adversity, especially with a brand new team and a brand new staff like we have, and it’s up to us to lock down and go through that adversity.”

On the impact of Kaleb not playing
“Well, my teammates help me out a lot and Kaleb actually helped out a lot too. Even though he was out of the game, he was the loudest one on the bench, him and Joey. That’s something we have to be able to continue to do, it’s next man up. If guys can’t play, then they have to be able to fulfill their role of being loud on the bench and Kaleb did a great job of that today.”

On the energy he brought last year and what he sees in Musa
“It makes my job easier. It’s not only Musa, like I said, Kaleb was bringing energy from the bench today, Kam was, Joey always is, and our bench did a great job. The crowd did a great job too and as we continue to be successful, we would love to see more and more people come and get the Schott rocking again.”

Musa Jallow, Ohio State freshman guard

On the importance of impacting the game in other ways than scoring
“That’s exactly what I am going to do, that’s my M.O. I’m not out here to get 30 a night, I mean that would be great if it happened, but I’m just out there to play defense and bring the energy for the team.”

On what it takes to bring the energy if he isn’t necessarily scoring
“It’s just playing every single possession one by one. Once you do that, you push yourself to your limit every possession and then good things happen after a while.”

Mike Davis, Texas Southern Head Coach

On tonight’s performance
“I thought we fought back. We did a good job covering the two. We had a chance to go up on the 3-point shot, but unfortunately we didn’t make the shot and then we just kind of fell apart again. We had the opportunity to pass the ball to open guys, but we made the wrong reads every time. We were trying to throw the lob pass to our big guy when we had roll-up guys open, and I thought Ohio State did a really good job taking away our lob passes from us and we did a poor job reading the defense. “

On wanting to make Ohio State beat them from the perimeter
“We did. This was the first time we have played zone in probably three years. But we felt like we couldn’t guard them man-to-man. We just felt like we wouldn’t get the effort it took for us to guard them, especially (Jae’Sean) Tate. He is really good driving the basketball. We felt like we would try to start really close to (Keita) Bates-Diop and (Kam) Williams, we knew they could shoot the ball. They did a great job of recovering, it’s all about the recovery.”


On how he compares Ohio State now to previous Ohio State teams

“It was always a really tough game. They have a really good coach; they’ve had great coaches every year that I’ve been here, going back from O’Brien to Coach (Thad) Matta. Their team plays hard, and to me that’s the measuring stick. Their team plays together…It’s all about playing good team basketball.”