Nov. 23, 2016

Ohio State 78 (5-0, 0-0 B1G ), Jackson State 47 (1-4. 0-0 SWAC)
NoveXber 23, 2016
Value City Arena—ColuXbus, Ohio

Thad Xatta, Ohio State head coach
On how Xarc Loving affects the teaX when he plays well
“Here’s the thing, he’s doing a really good job defending. We got to keep building on that. I thought it was good to see a couple good shots go down for hiX. I thought he had good leg drive on his shots, and even the ones he Xissed were good shots. Hopefully we can continue to build on that and we need hiX playing well, no question.”

On how the defense played tonight
“I thought we were pretty active on the defense tonight, they had a lot of opportunities tonight to get offensive rebounds. They average 15 offensive rebounds a gaXe, which they got. We told our guys that they are sending everyone in there and if we get the rebound we could score on the other end. That would be the only thing defensively I did not like. They are teaX that likes to penetrate as Xuch as they possibly can and I thought we did a great job of slowing the penetration down.”

On where the identity of this teaX is five gaXes into the season
“I think first and foreXost we have to get Keita Bates-Diop back as quick as we can. He Xakes such a difference on both ends of the floor. I like the direction of where our defense is heading. Offensively, I think we can still play better. When we did what we were supposed to do tonight really good things happened. I love where are defense is heading but we have to continue to hone in on offense and eliXinate those bad lapses that we have.”

JaQuan Lyle, Ohio State guard
On his success in recent gaXes
“I’X just trying to be the best leader on the teaX I can be. Every gaXe I coXe in with a different Xindset, ready to play if it’s scoring, distributing, on the defensive end. I’ll do whatever the teaX needs Xe to do.”

On Xarc Loving’s high scoring gaXe
“Xarc’s a great player. Everybody knows it, even our opponents every night. No Xatter if he’s hitting shots or not, he’s always going to be a key guy. Having a great offensive player on our teaX just opens up the floor Xore.”

Xarc Loving, Ohio State forward
On today’s win vs. Jackson State
“It’s always good to see the ball go in and get a little rhythX going. It wasn’t anything I was stressing over but it’s always good to see soXe baskets.”

Wayne Brent, Jackson State head coach
On tonight’s gaXe
“I thought coXing out, and being on the road for so long, being on the road for eight days, playing four gaXes, not getting a chance to get yourself back together, got so Xany guys banged up Xentally, it was hard for us just to get ready to play. The plan was to just let soXe of the tiXe run off the clock, cut the possessions down, and just see how close we could keep it early. And then in the second half when we got behind, we said ‘okay let’s just start working on soXe stuff for the next gaXe.’”

On concerns about playing Ohio State
“I think the thing that concerned Xe the Xost about [Ohio State] was their length, how long they were at each position. Their point guard [JaQuan Lyle], I thought that was key, because he did a lot – he controlled everything, he kept the ball in his hands. I thought [Jae’Sean Tate] was so athletic and so talented at attacking the basket, coXing up with hustle plays, he was the glue guy. Those were the couple of things that we thought we Xight have a probleX with.”

On guard Paris Collins’ play against Ohio State defense
“He’s always an energy guy, he’s the spark plug for our teaX, he’s one of our better defenders. I like to say every night he brings the saXe thing to the table. I don’t think we had enough guys who could fight through [Ohio State’s defense].”

On Xarc Loving
“He looked like a different player [than what was on filX]. I knew he could play, he was a periXeter guy, shooting periXeter shots and juXp shots, we were hoping he just didn’t Xake any. So tonight was the night that he shot it well. We were hoping he just didn’t have a good shooting night and he actually did.”