Dec. 8, 2015


Ohio State 74 (4-4), Air Force 50 (6-3)
December 8, 2015
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 11,816

Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the Ohio State’s defensive performance
“We really did the job we were supposed to do and how we were supposed to do it. The offense that Air Force runs is based off timing and we did a good job being disruptive. That’s how this team has to play”

On Marc Loving’s cold outside shooting
“I thought that he did a great job of playing inside and out. He can really shoot the ball but he did a great job of playing inside and out tonight.”

 On JaQuan Lyle’s turnover problems
“With him, because he has instincts that are hard to teach, I think he needs to stay focused on the situation. His focus needs to be on the reads, and sometimes he sees things and sometimes he doesn’t. He’s a risk taker and I’m cool with that.”

 Marc Loving, Ohio State forward
On his ability to score from all parts of the floor
“I really can’t say I’m doing anything different. My teammates were running the offense and finding the open guy, it just happened to be me on some plays and I was able to finish.”

 On his buzzer beater to end the first half
“On the play I was the third or fourth option, but I just came off of the down screen and was able to get to a spot on the floor where I could take the shot. Even though it wasn’t really a high percentage shot it felt really good to see the ball go in.”

 JaQuan Lyle, Ohio State guard
On his timid nature shooting the ball
“All of the coaches, and players on the team yell at me to shoot the ball when I’m open. I know I am open and I honestly can’t say why I don’t shoot them, it’s just something I need to work on.”

 On adjusting to the college game
“I’m definitely feeling more comfortable. My turnovers are going down as coach Matta and Greg Paulus tell me to settle for singles and not go for the home run every time with the pass. A few times this game I made mistakes and turned the ball over, but it’s getting better.”

 Dave Pilipovich, Air Force head coach
On his team’s play tonight
“We’ve got to score off of others … We tried to get back into running our system in the second half and we got some looks at it, we even got some open looks in the second half but we didn’t make some shots. We were always look behind at that 6’10”-6’11” helping behind blocking shots.”

 On Ohio State players that stuck out
“Marc Loving is a good player. He’s a 6’7” perimeter player who can also take you inside the post which he did tonight. He’s got an opportunity to score in the post, then he can bring you out and score from the perimeter. Trevor Thompson is a lot bigger in person than he is on film.”