Postgame Quotes
Ohio State (14-5, 4-4 Big Ten) 72, Michigan (14-7, 4-5 Big Ten) 54
Jan. 28, 2009
Value City Arena
Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 16,363

Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the game overall
“I felt like we played with a little more consistency tonight for longer stretches of time. Our defense was effective and got us opportunities to score off turnovers. We made some big plays down the stretch to get the lead back to double digits and hit our free throws at the end to finish the game off.”

On the first half similarities to the Michigan State game
“I told out guys in the huddle when it was 25-11 that we’ve been here before. It was a great parallel to draw on and I think we did a better job at the end of the half. It has been an Achilles heal for us all year.”

On the offense
“We had good shot selection and good ball movement. Hopefully we can continue to bang shots because it something we spend a lot of time on.”

On the play of Evan Turner
“He moved well without the ball. He found seams when they started loading guys up on him. When that happened, he did a good job of finding other guys.”

Sophomore guard Evan Turner
On the second half scuffle
“Novak was playing hard. Things happen. I was just standing up for my teammate and friend. I kind of saw it coming. During my first free throw he was elbowing P.J. and P.J. told the referee. I don’t know it if was on purpose or not.”

On first half success in the game
“My teammates did a good job of making holes for me and getting me the ball. I was just going through and the ball was falling in the hole.”

On Coach Matta in practice this week
“He stayed positive but stayed on top of us. He picked up his tone a bit but we just had to get it done this week with a quick turn around.”

On the game plan working
“I see something and I try to make it happen. I like to keep the game fast paced and up tempo. We did that tonight. Pressure was big. The defense leads the offense. They seemed a little hesitant and we just pushed hard and took advantage of that.”

Sophomore guard Jon Diebler
On practice this week
“We knew we didn’t play well after Michigan State. The first half went well and then we dropped off. We had to come back in and get better. Coach Matta always says we look at the film and then its over. We worked on keeping the energy up in the second half this week.”

On the game and high shooting percentage
“The guys were being really aggressive. Evan in particular did a great job tonight. We moved the ball around well. We think were a pretty good shooting team and I think you can see that in our stats.”

On attitude going into the game
“We needed to win. After a two-game losing streak we needed to come back. A sweep is nice specially in the Big Ten this year. It’s such a tough conference to play in.”

Freshman center B.J. Mullins
On his practice this week
“ I knew I messed up on some things. I wasn’t doing well boxing out and getting the ball hit out of my hands. I thought I did better on that tonight.”

John Beilein, Michigan head coach
On Ohio State’s tempo and turnovers
“Ohio State came out very early to set the tone of how they were going to play the game. We turned the ball over early, and we’re one of the leaders in the country on not turning over the ball. We also had two starters who sat on the bench with foul trouble for most of the first half. If you add those things together, it’s difficult for us to win a game. We had 11 turnovers in the first half and that’s our average. You can’t do that on the road.”

On ball handling
“We had a bad day handling the ball. It was like there was snow on it.”

On the technical on Zack Novak
“We’ll have to see if it was a box out with elbows up. We learned a valuable lesson. I wanted the referees to look at the monitors and make sure.”

On stopping Evan Turner
“He is a good individual player and they isolate him so well. He is very talented.”