December 4, 2017

Postgame Quotes: Ohio state 71, Michigan 62


Ohio State 71 (7-3, 2-0 B1G), Michigan 62 (7-3, 1-1 B1G)
Dec. 4, 2017
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 12,546

Chris Holtmann, Ohio State head coach
On the atmosphere of the game
“We try to make every game as exciting as possible around here. It was a fun game, and an incredible environment. I give Buckeye Nation and our Nut House a lot of credit for the energy they provided our team. That was as loud as I’ve heard it in here, and some of the coaches who have been here for awhile were remarking that it was as loud as they’ve heard it in several years. I’m sure who we were playing had something to do with it, and I’m sure that us getting down 20 had something to do with it.”

On the Michigan team
“I can’t tell you how much I respect Coach Beilein and the job that he does, how hard they are to play, how consistently good they are, and how disciplined they are in what they do. For us to defend them like we did in the second half is terrific. As I told the guys, players win games. Those guys made plays both down the stretch and in the second half to win the game today. It was a fun game.”

On the team’s recent 6-game stretch
“We’ve had a lot of good moments from a lot of different guys that have played new roles. Kyle Young was critical tonight. He’s been really important for us. Musa Jallow has been really good in stretches, and struggled in other stretches. C.J. Jackson, who’s in a really important role for us, has had moments when he’s performed really well. All of them have had moments where they’ve played really well and had stuff where we can look and say ‘Hey this is where we need to prove in these particular areas’. That’s been good because you just don’t know that until you go down a six-game stretch like this.”

John Beilein, Michigan head coach
On mental and emotional setbacks coming into tonight’s game
“We just have to continue to toughen up and get some steel in our spine when things are tough, and not necessarily look to the coach for the answer. We have to make some of those plays when we can’t get something going, and we just didn’t make those plays. It is my job to make us get better at that.”

On Ohio State’s performance in the second half
“They started out just really driving the ball hard at us. Tate and Bates-Diop, they’re pretty good players, and they just beat their one-on-one matchups on a few occasions. They had just enough put-backs to make a difference.”

Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State redshirt junior forward   
On the environment of the game
“I know we played really hard, I do know that. I think it was the energy that surrounds a game against Michigan. We came back out at the half knowing we had to give more, and each of us did.”

C.J Jackson, Ohio State junior guard
On what it feels like coming off back-to-back Big Ten Wins
“It’s obviously a good feeling for us to know that we are 2-0 in the BIG Ten. We knew coming into this two-game stretch that whatever happened before, is over. It’s a new season once the BIG Ten starts. We are going to enjoy it now, but we have to get better tomorrow.”

Kam Williams, Ohio State senior guard
On Jae’Sean’s dunk changing the game
“I think it was the turning point. It was pretty loud in there. I haven’t ever really heard the Schott that loud before. It set it off for the guys on the floor and that tied into us being extra energetic on defense.”

On the team’s play in the second half
“We knew in the first half, that if we kept playing like we were, that we would have gotten ran out of the gym. We didn’t want that in front of our home fans. We made adjustments and played harder.”

On the team’s 20-point comeback
“It’s been a long time coming. In the past years I don’t think we understood what it takes to overcome a hole like that. Coach is always implementing every possession, and telling us to give maximum effort. I feel like we can achieve anything, we just have to keep winning every possession because the team the wins the most possessions, wins the game.”