Ohio State 64 (7-5), Mercer 44 (9-3)
Dec. 22, 2015
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 11,460
Happy Holidays!

JaQuan Lyle, Ohio State guard
On Ohio State’s halftime adjustments
“We started to play harder late in the first half and we started to make a run, but we couldn’t pull away. We kept that intensity though and kept playing hard, and with that intensity we pulled away at the end.”


On Ohio State’s sluggish start
“I think we just couldn’t make shots. We got great looks but they weren’t dropping. We still played great defense, but we were just missing open looks and thinking too much.”


On Ohio State’ progress from early in the season
“Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have made the plays I made on defense tonight. That really just comes from experience and playing much harder, and we got it done tonight.”

Mickey Mitchell, Ohio State defensive end
On his debut
“That was my first game since March of my senior year in high school. It was just great to get out there and finally play a game without constantly getting stopped like in practice. It just felt good playing again and playing with my teammates.”


On getting up to speed with the team 12 games into the season
“One of my mentors told me before to not try and gain all my eligibility in one play. I am just taking it one step at a time, trying to get better every day and not be something I’m not. Ultimately the win loss column is the most important thing.”


On learning of his eligibility
“I was just in the dorms and they were all in Brooklyn. I got a call telling me I was cleared. It took me until warmups against Kentucky that I was actually there to play. It was just really exciting.”


Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On Ohio State’s halftime adjustments
“I think if anyone ever says that defense can’t win a game they don’t know what they’re talking about. Our defense was the deciding factor tonight just with how active we were.”

On Ohio State’s offensive performance
“We told our guys at halftime our best offense is our transition game. That was the deal of trying to attack the rim because, I like the beach, I like the ocean, but we couldn’t throw it in the ocean tonight. Fortunately, I think it’s a step in the right direction that we did keep defending.”


Bob Hoffman, Mercer Head Coach
On the outcome of the game
“We just got smashed in every sense of the imagination. We got it taken to us tonight by a really good team that I thought we had a chance against. We beat them and then they would recover. It was just amazing how they were able to get it done tonight.”

On playing Ohio State coming off of a win over Kentucky
“We both have beaten SEC teams. We were doing what we were supposed to do, making shots. But we couldn’t get to the free throw line nor execute the way we wanted to. The main problem was keeping them off of those tip dunks and getting a stop with a rebound. When you’re on the road and playing good teams ,if you can’t make that stop, you’re in trouble.”