Postgame Quotes
Ohio State 54, Butler 51
Dec. 13, 2008
Value City Arena
Attendance: 13,976

Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“Our free throw shooting has won us two games this season, but today we just were not good. We opened the game and the second half strong, but we didn’t have the intensity down the stretch.”

On the win
“We are very pleased with the victory. I told our guys we beat an NCAA Tournament team today, but we still need to make strides. There are always areas where we can improve.”

On Gordon Hayward
“They did a good job of sucking us in and getting it out to him in the corners. Once he started hitting them he didn’t miss.”

Evan Turner, sophomore guard
On the game
“A lot of shots today just weren’t going in and sometimes during the season that happens. We are fortunate our defense was good enough today to win with so few shots dropping in. Butler took advantage of some weak spots on the court and they are a good team on the road.”

On the last defensive stop
“It was obvious they were going to shoot a three-pointer and get No. 20 open. We were prepared coming out and were able to pull out the win.”

On Butler’s defense
“The lane was definitely crowded throughout the game, and it was hard to find some open looks. Our coaches know what is going to work with us with against each opponent. I missed some shots I usually make, but I’m confident that our offense will keep progressing.”

Dallas Lauderdale, sophomore forward
On facing mid-major opponents
“Every time we go out on the court, teams will give us their best punch. We don’t focus on who were playing because any team wants to come in here and knock us off. We just try to focus on our game plan, not on who we are playing.”

On pumping up the home crowd
“I was pumped after blocking that last shot and sometimes the adrenaline takes over. A fan in the front row put his hand out and it was just an instinct to give a high-five to them.”

Brad Stevens, Butler head coach
On the last possession
“We didn’t get a great look because of the limited time we had and how hard they play the zone. I was proud we even got a shot off. It’s not a coincidence teams are shooting the way they are against Ohio State. They’re a tough team.”

On turnovers
“You have to give credit where credit is due to on the turnovers. Even the unforced turnovers were as a result of their pressure defense. It is tough playing against them. I don’t want to take anything away from them. They forced them.”

On playing against Coach Matta
“It’s hard because you root for them during other games. It is not as enjoyable as other games but we appreciate Ohio State playing Butler four years in the home and home series.”