Postgame Quotes
Ohio State (11-3) 89, Houston Baptist (1-16) 65
January 9, 2009
Value City Arena // Attendance: 15,081

Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the team’s ball movement
“I was happy to see improvement in that area tonight, because it is something we have been working on and need to continue to work on to become a better team.”

On the growth of William Buford
“He’s starting to make better decisions with shot selection. One of the things we have emphasized in practice with him is to make sure we get the best shot possible. If he takes a shot with 18 seconds left on the shot clock, he needs to realize that we can probably find a better shot. Game by game he is showing improvement.”

On his team’s size advantage
“We knew coming in that we definitely had an advantage in that department, so we wanted to get them involved as much as possible. I thought they did a good job of getting into position and finishing the basketball.”

On Nikola Kecman’s first game of the season
“I really thought he did a good job for us. The biggest thing I was looking for was to see if he was where he was suppose to be and if he was making good decisions both offensively and defensively. This was a good opportunity for him to get his feet wet.”

Jeremie Simmons, junior guard
On confidence
“I was trying to be aggressive and knock down my shots. We need to continue to be confident every game whether it’s a loss or a win. This will hopefully carry on to the next game. We can always get better and we will continue to get better and stronger.”

On what he would like to improve on
“I’m working on what to do when I don’t have the ball. I’m trying to work on my feet work as well.”

Nikola Kecman, sophomore center
On how he will help the team
“I want to thank all of the people that came out to the arena to support us tonight. It was a great feeling to play for Ohio State tonight. I will do anything the coaches want me to do to help this team. I think I can help on defense with rebounding.”

On his first game
“During games, I would want to help the team but I worked hard in practice to prepare for my first game. I got more relaxed as time went on and it helped when I made my first basket.”

William Buford, freshman guard
On the game
“Every game I try to come out and have a good game. I started off the game well. My teammates were finding me and I was taking the open shots. I’m trying to play my best and play my heart out.”

On being aggressive
“We work hard in practice. We’ve been working to be aggressive and it paid off tonight. We’re trying to be aggressive against every team we play.”

Ron Cottrell, Head Coach, Houston Baptist
On the start of the game
“They started out on fire with Buford’s threes and that ended up being contagious for the rest of the game. There’s a reason why those guys are as highly recruited as they are.”
On the play of Gordon Watt
“Well Gordon’s used to this atmosphere. We really rode his back hard in the second half to try and get closer. He stepped up with his inside and outside shots.”
On Ohio State’s scoring

“When you’re 1-16 you’ve had a lot of teams get hot like that this year. The way they shot the ball tonight, they can contend with any of the big schools out there and the inside game they have, Thad’s got one of the best in the game.”