Feb. 28, 2005

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On Ohio State earning a share of the 2005 Big Ten Championship
“I’m happy for them. Jess (Davenport) never has won a championship, so this is a first for her. (Caity) Matter is going out on a good note. Brandie Hoskins stepped up big at the appropriate times. We stepped up to the foul line in a championship game when it mattered. We played hard with aggressive defense and attacked pressure and didn’t let the pressure attack us.”

On his three years as the Ohio State head coach
“I just want to thank Andy Geiger for the opportunity to coach here. When I arrived here we talked about potential. I knew this was the place to get things done and there were special kids with quality and character.”

On the Buckeyes’ defense in the first half
“Defense is the only variable we can control with effort and good communication. The pretty part of the game is to put the ball in the basket. Defense is something we have to teach and they have to buy into it.”

Caity Matter, senior guard
On her last home game at Ohio State
“What a way to go out … to win the Big Ten championship in front of a sellout crowd. I’m grateful for the chance and the opportunity to have done some great things here.”

On Ohio State’s performance during the last few games
“I think during the last couple of games we played to win, not to lose. We were able to pull up our shorts and make defensive stops tonight and offensively we were patient.” Rene Portland, Penn State head coach
On the game
“Congratulations to Ohio State. We know how hard it is to win a Big Ten title. It was a hard fought game. Our kids came out and really fought.”

On the crowd
“The crowd was exciting and it was fun. Ohio State should make it a competition, not just on the court but off the court, too. The game was great so hopefully the crowd will return and bring a friend. Ohio State needs to get the community involved. They missed something if they didn’t see Caity (Matter) shoot. They’ll miss seeing (Jessica) Davenport if they don’t come next year. The crowd tonight was great, but it shouldn’t just be happening in February, but in November and December.”

Tanisha Wright, senior guard
On the game
“We were just rushing and not taking our time with the ball. We had runs, but things were just chaotic.”