Dec. 6, 2014

No. 14 Ohio State 70 (6-1), Colgate 50 (1-7)

December 6, 2014

Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio

Attendance: 14,054

Jeff Boals, Ohio State assistant coach
On younger players stepping up
“This is probably one of the closest groups I’ve had in my six years, and they all care about each other and they all cheer for each other. Tonight, there was a situation where Kameron Williams came in and did a great job.  Obviously ,Marc Loving in the last couple games has been great. I think what those younger guys do is bring a lot of energy.”

On Kam Williams’ perfomance
“When you have a guy like Kameron, who is instant offense, who is an instant threat on the court every time he touches a ball, you’re going to get results.  He’ll be the first to tell you, he likes to be shot ready and be prepared.  In the second half, he gave us a big lift.”

Kam Williams, freshman guard
On the keys to the Buckeye run in the second half
“I think we just needed to calm down. We weren’t playing our game, and Coach Matta said coming out of the timeout that we just needed to relax and get into the flow of the game. Then we got hot and made our run.”

On the freshmen chemistry
“We just take it one game at a time. We know we have to bring it every day in practice so when it comes game time it’s easy. Some games, a couple freshmen and sophomores may need their teammates to pick them up, and that’s what I think we have going for us right now. We’re a close enough basketball team to get anybody out of a slump.”

On Colgate’s attack of the zone defense
“We knew going in that numbers 1 and 25 could shoot very well from deep, and that extended our guards and left the middle and corners vulnerable, which created a problem for us.”

Marc Loving, sophomore forward
On Colgate’s performance
“You can’t give teams like Colgate time to linger around because then you’ll be in a dog fight. We knew we needed to make a run, and we ended up pushing our lead to 20 points and finishing the game.”

On what kept the game close vs. the Raiders
“We were playing pretty good defense during the first half, and we were missing some opportunities that we normally knock down, but we corrected those in the second half, and got some shots to fall.”

On Colgate’s strong three-point shooting
“We miscommunicated on defense a few times which gave them some open shots. Everyone on the court can shoot for them, so when they spread the floor they can really have an advantage.”

Matt Langel, Colgate head coach
On Colgate’s performance vs. the Buckeyes
“Obviously we didn’t play our best game. Ethan [Jacobs] is a very good shooter but he didn’t score around the basket like he could. We didn’t make a couple more open shots that we needed to. It took us too long to adjust to the tempo of the game and the environment. But I thought we competed and got back into it.”

On the Buckeyes this season
“They are going to be a good team. They have a good mix of youth with experience. They have some strength, they have some athleticism.”

On Loving’s strengths
“I think Marc Loving is a phenomenal college basketball player. He’s really efficient with what he does. He can stretch a defense, he really knows how to play.”