No. 1 Ohio State 93, No. 10 Wisconsin 65                                                     
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
March 6, 2011
Attendance: 18,809


Thad Matta, Ohio State Head Coach
On the game
“I don’t know if you could script it much better. I thought our defensive effort was incredible; obviously they (Wisconsin) have the ability to make you pay. It was incredible how well we shot the basketball though. “

On senior guard Jon Diebler
“It’s an amazing run for him; I think it’s amazing for him. All the shots he shoots, all the practicing he does, he deserves that.”

On a letdown after Purdue losing to Iowa
“That’s what I love about this team I didn’t fear at all that there would be a letdown.”

On talks with the freshman in the game
“The first thing I said for Jordan (Sibert) is that it finally went down. He works so hard on his shooting and it finally went down. They are very aware of those guys leaving today and the effort they put in. They are aware that that’s what it takes to get to that moment.”

On freshman guard Aaron Craft
“Aaron did a tremendous job and he studied so much film. The other thing that people won’t notice is the job all the other guys did helping Aaron against Jordan (Taylor).”

Jon Diebler, senior guard
On the three-point percentage
“I told him [David Lighty] I apologize for missing one. That was my bad.”

On shooting well in the past few games
“I don’t know. I’m just getting a little bit of daylight. They’re doing a good job of screening and getting me the ball. I don’t know how to explain it, just like at Penn State.”

On hearing about Purdue’s loss to Iowa
“I was at my apartment, and we were getting ready to go to the hotel. To be honest, that game didn’t really have an effect on our mood coming into this game. It was our senior day. We didn’t want to lose on our home court. It was a great atmosphere.”

On the team’s defensive play
“It was unbelievable. We have two of the best on-ball defenders in the Big Ten in Dave [Lighty] and Aaron [Craft]. Aaron just frustrates people. You’ve got to give him a lot of credit.”

On Aaron Craft guarding Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor
“Against a guy like that, having Aaron on him gives us a lot of confidence.”

Dallas Lauderdale, senior center
On the win
“It definitely gives us confidence and momentum. But like coach said in the locker room, we need to come back to practice on Tuesday with the same intensity that we’ve had in the past hundred practices.”

On Jon Diebler before the senior ceremony
“He was about to cry. If I didn’t look at him and make him laugh, he would have cried.”

On the end of the regular season
“It’s not over. This isn’t really a fairytale finish for me.”

David Lighty, senior guard
On Jon Diebler’s three-point shooting percentage since playing Penn State
“17-of-20 in the last two games? That’s not bad.”

On the win
“From the fireworks in the beginning to the streamers at the end, it was a great way to go out being outright [champions] in the Big Ten.”

On the team’s success this season
“I think it’s just getting more and more intense. I think we’re solidifying ourselves as a two-sport school right now.”

On the fans “camping” outside the arena before the game
“It was a long line, from corner to corner of The Schott. I gave them high fives.”

On the upcoming Big Ten Tournament
“That’s our next mission. Our first mission was to be regular season Big Ten Champions. Now we have to run our focus on a three day tournament that we need to win. That will get us ready for the NCAA Tournament.”

On the team’s play
“The way we played on the defensive end, I think that’s a great confidence booster going into the next tournament. For me, I’m a defensive guy and that ‘s what’s going to take us hopefully to the national championship.”

Jared Sullinger, freshman forward
On saying that he “wanted to beat Wisconsin by 50”
“If we could, we would. Wisconsin’s a good team. That first loss I didn’t take too lightly. I wanted to win, and I wanted to win big.”

On his hair
“I’m going to get it cut tomorrow. We won the championship, so that was the whole plan. The whole plan was that I was going to grow it out until the championship. That [pointing to the Big Ten Championship trophy] that’s my haircut.”

Bo Ryan, Wisconsin head coach
On Ohio State’s performance from 3-point range
“14 of 15. I don’t think people do that very often. I thought we shot the ball well against them at our place, but what they did today is just unheard of.”

On the play of Jon Diebler
“He’s on fire right now. This is the time of year that you see guys doing what he’s doing, like a Steph Curry for example. When you have someone playing and shooting like he is, it can get you places in March.”

On the factor the Ohio State student section played on the game
“I think the student section is behind you in just about every arena in the Big Ten. I’ve coached in Serbia against the Serbs, so I’ve been in some pretty tough places. In a game situation, I don’t really hear things going on around me. I’m trying to help our guys win games.” 

On the “Deal With It” towels featured in the student section
“I don’t think the towels blew in all those 3-pointers. It’s a game, people will cheer.”