April 23, 2005

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel
Opening Statement
“I thought we had a good spring. The weather was good most of the spring. Today was a good test to play in inclement weather. We have not done a lot of that. We get spoiled with an indoor facility to go inside and get something done in bad conditions.”

“All-in-all our 15 days (of spring practice) were good. The kids were focused. I thought we made some progress and I don’t think we had any serious injuries.”

On the quarterbacks
“Today we had an opportunity where our quarterbacks had situations to learn from. There were some plays that I thought we could do better, but we also made some nice plays as well.”

On the running backs
“Our goal coming into today was to give each of the three running backs 10 or more carries. Today I think we did a good job of accomplishing what we set out to do and I was impressed with all three running backs.”

On the play of Todd Boeckman
“Todd Boeckman is a good quarterback. He loves playing. He is a positive kid. When he is in the game or on the sideline playing his role, he is a Buckeye through and through.”

On the special teams
“I did not think the wind was much of a factor today. I thought the ball was slippery and the field was wet. Jonathan Skeete continues to progress and A.J. Trapasso did what he was asked to do and that was to kick it away from Teddy Ginn. We are young and that has not changed, but I feel good about the guys we have.”

“I am anxious to get back at it in August but we have some steps to take. Some are academic, some are strength related and some are in the area of rehabilitation. There is a lot to do between now and (August).”