Nov. 12, 2006

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Army Head Coach Dave Magarity
Opening statement
“I want to thank Ohio State and Coach Foster for graciously agreeing to come to this event. It was a very emotional day for everyone here at the Academy, including myself. I’ve run the gamut of emotions going back to last year. Today was something we’ve had in the back of our minds and thought about for a long time, it was a special day. We knew it was going to be tough, a lot of people questioned my judgment in scheduling this game for our opener, but I think it was a great event having two of the top five teams in the country, both the men and women, coming to West Point. Jamie (Dixon) and I had talked about this and it was something we both felt very strongly about.

“This game was a big challenge for our team. We knew it going in, but I don’t know if I did a good enough job in preparing us for this type of opponent. (Jessica) Davenport is a special player and has a presence that demanded a lot of attention from us, but we had to take some chances early on to keep the ball out of her hands. The size differential was so big, and to their credit they did a great job making the extra pass to get her the ball. We did a poor job rebounding and that was something I we needed to do to be successful this afternoon. If I had to pick one positive from this game it was our execution offensively. We did a good job running our plays and I feel the strength of our team will be the backcourt.

“Today was a great experience for our girls. It was a tough opener, but it something that they will always remember for everything else that took place.”

Army G Jen Hansen Remembering Maggie Dixon
“Before she came here, I would have never dreamed about going to the NCAA tournament and achieving that my junior year that was great. Wearing the patch on our shorts helps us to remember her confidence, trust and belief in us and the season we experienced last year.” Army G Margaree King emotional meeting with Dixon family following pre-game ceremonies
“Last year they were always around during the season and started to feel like family. It was a touching moment. We got to reflect on all the good times we had last year and it reminded me so much of (Maggie Dixon) that it got to me. Once it was time to play I didn’t really feel like the emotions interfered, they just served as extra motivation. When its time to play, its time to play. We can’t use her being gone as a means to feel sorry for ourselves, just use it as motivation.”

Army G Cara Enright
Impact of emotions on the game
“It was hard when we were going through the ceremonies, but it wasn’t the first time we had to deal with it, we faced it with our first day back as a team. The first practice was tough, but we understood that it was going to be an emotional day. We knew that (Maggie Dixon) wouldn’t have expected anything less than for us to go out there and play with all our hearts. “We hadn’t seen members of her family since the funeral and memorials we went to. That might have made things a little tougher. Seeing them and how they reacted to the pre-game ceremonies made things pretty emotional.”

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Foster Overall performance of the team
“We did an excellent job of setting the tempo from the beginning, especially with a freshman point guard. You think you know, but you never know, and I think she did a great job and the veterans and how they played would give you confidence.

What playing in the Maggie Dixon Classic meant to you
“We felt it was a great honor to be involved in this whole day and weekend. Maggie was a terrific person. When you are around a place like this and the kind of people who go through here on a regular basis and you see the impact that she had on this place, if you are unfamiliar with it, you would know that she was a significant and important person. For us to allow our players to see that, our freshman, hopefully, don’t think we are coming to places like this all the time. We went on a tour yesterday and it is just a great educational place and the tradition and history of it is just mind-boggling. I’m glad that we were able to be a part of something that hopefully, will be an annual event.

Play of Cara Enright
“Tough, tough player. She knows who she is and she doesn’t deviate from it and those kinds of players, I love to see. She is real strong on the block and she can shoot face-up and she knows she needs her teammates help to get shots and she does the little things necessary to facilitate that. She is a good foundation for what I think will be a pretty good season for that team.

What Army has been through during the off-season
“What Dave Magarity and his team went through and the level of their poise and who they are is very impressive for my young players and my veterans to see. This is a great experience for us.”