Oct. 9, 2004

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AJ Hawk, OSU junior linebacker
On Stocco’s performance and the Wisconsin offense
“We knew coming into the game that he was a capable quarterback. They’re a run-first team and we knew that Davis would be tough to stop. As an offense, they really executed and their receivers made some great catches. I thought we did a pretty good job in the first half, but they made some big plays. You got to give them credit for what they were able to do.”

On losing two straight games
“This just gives us more drive to come back and work hard this week in practice and next week at Iowa. We’re not use to losing here at Ohio State so we need to get better. We need to look in the mirror and think about what we can do to help this team. Losing just isn’t acceptable at OSU.”

Mike Nugent, OSU senior kicker
On eclipsing the all- time OSU field goal record
“It was nice when it happened, but we didn’t win so the record really doesn’t matter. The only thing I care about is if we win or not. I’m happy to get us points, but if we don’t get the victory then what I do doesn’t mean much to me.”

On rebounding against Iowa
“We just need to keep improving as a team and forget about these games. The last two years we’ve had such great teams and I don’t think we’re far off from those teams. Things just aren’t going our way and we have to get better. Iowa is the next step. We need to rebound and play hard, regardless of who the team is.”

Bobby Carpenter, OSU junior linebacker
On the game
“Our goal today was to stop the run. We were effective for the most part, but Wisconsin was able to make plays. The defensive line was fired up today especially from last week’s game. We gave great effort, but it just wasn’t enough.” On the loss
“Every loss is hard. When we are at home we are expected to win. It is hard to swallow and I know the entire team is upset. Nobody here has ever experienced two losses in a row. We just need to go out every week and play as hard as we can to win on out.”

Bam Childress, OSU senior flanker
On Wisconsin
“I tip my hat to Wisconsin. They had a good scheme and played well. Anytime you play a front four like that you have to be ready. Our offense needs to be on point and run short routes.”

On OSU sophomore quarterback Justin Zwick
“Justin showed patience and poise. Coming off two losses I expect him to be more focused now. We are in a do-or-die situation right now. You can either win every game here on out or give up. We are going to go out with a fight. We will review the film, see what we did wrong and try to win next week on the road.”

Wisconsin Postgame Quotes

Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin head coach
On recent success vs. Ohio State
“We have been fortunate and played well. It’s nothing more than that. My guys have really played well. We really have been fortunate to find a way to win.”

On trailing early in the game
“Our guys will fight. They are not going to fold their tents when we fall behind.”

On the game overall
“I’m very pleased with the way our players competed. It was a very physical game. We beat a good Ohio State team.”

On the Wisconsin passing game
“We wanted to pick and choose when we were going to throw. We wanted to establish the running game to set up the pass. We didn’t come in here planning on throwing the ball 30 or 40 times.”

On winning a Big Ten game on the road
“This makes the Purdue game (next week) bigger. Purdue is a Top 10 team.”

Jim Leonhard, Wisconsin senior defensive back
On overcoming a 10-0 deficit
“We have been in this position before against Ohio State and we have learned over the past couple of years when being down, don’t panic, stay focused, play our style and the cards will fall in our favor. We accomplished all of this and were able to pull away with the win. In the second half, our offense went into high-gear and our defense played aggressive and shut them down.”

On second-half adjustments
“We really did not change anything specifically. All we really did was correct the mistakes we made in the first half. Things like holding our ground on offense and defense, staying in our zones defensively and wrapping our tackles were some of the mistakes we capitalized on.”

Erasmus James, Wisconsin senior defensive end
On shutting down the OSU offense in the second half
“In the first half we played with too much excitement and made some mistakes. In the second half, we came out calm and relaxed, filled our gaps and forced them into making irrational decisions. We capitalized on their mistakes and kept their offense off the field by forcing them into three-and-outs.”

On playing at Ohio Stadium
“It is a very loud place and can be intimidating to play in. But the key to success here is taking the crowd out of the game. We did a good job of silencing the crowd early, which evened the playing field to our advantage.”

John Stocco, Wisconsin, sophomore quarterback
On the game
“Ohio State is a great team and to come here and beat them at home speaks very highly of our team. I am proud of our guys. We stuck together and never got down on ourselves. We played tough throughout the entire game and made key plays when we had to. The one thing I can say that was the difference maker was our time of possession. Holding the ball for as long as we did wore down Ohio State’s defense and played to our advantage.”

On his second touchdown pass
“The second touchdown pass was as great a catch as I have ever seen. Jonathan (Orr) got good separation from his defender but I threw a pass, which was a little off. However, he came out and stretched out to make a great catch. That play could not have come at a better time.”