Aug. 30, 2003

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Sophomore tailback Maurice Hall
On his performance vs. the Huskies:
“I went out there and I did something with what I had. It’s always nice to make something happen but there is always room for improvement. I expect to get in there more.”

On the OSU offense:
“We blocked well against the running and passing game. Craig made some big plays and I am just happy I can help this team.”

Junior defensive end Simon Fraser
On defensive linemen Will Smith, Darrion Scott and Tim Anderson:
“I learned a lot from them. It was nice to step up and help the defense. I will never reach their standards.”

On the defense:
“The young guys stepped up and worked hard to improve. (Coach Mark Dantonio) gets us prepared before the game. I give credit to him. The defense worked well together in the preseason and we were just excited to get out there tonight.”

On starting the season with a win:
“I could not ask for a better start. I am more confident that I should be out there now.”

Senior center Alex Stepanovich
On the offensive line:
“We were juiced up early in the game and we took advantages of the field positions. Tomorrow we will learn from our mistakes and capitalize on what we did right.”

On protecting quarterback Craig Krenzel:
“Craig made some big throws to Drew (Carter). Our job is to make sure he doesn’t take the hits.”

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson
On the Ohio State team
“They are as advertised. They are big, powerful, quick and have lots of athletes. They have tremendous defensive backs, linebackers, defensive linemen and their quarterback can do so much. Their defensive front is tremendous. I have nothing but good things to say about Ohio State. They are going to win a lot of games.”

On Ohio State’s defensive pressure on quarterback Cody Pickett
“Their front four was very good. When they put pressure on you, they are just bringing three or four (players) so it makes it very tough to play against.”

On Washington’s performance
“Our younger guys that were in their first or second year starting played like they were in their first or second year starting. We had very little success running the football and our protections broke down when we tried to pass the ball.”

On moving forward with the season
“I thought our kids hung in there and played hard. This is a marathon, though, not a sprint. I’m looking forward to Monday and getting back to coaching and starting to try and iron out some of the things we didn’t do so well tonight.”

On Washington’s failure in the red zone
“We played very poorly in the red zone. The penalties killed us. We had three false starts by just one player. I didn’t want to throw the ball right away when we got down there, but we had to because of the penalties.”

On the crowd noise in Ohio Stadium
“It definitely played a part. It was as noisy a place as we’ve ever been. This is a very hostile environment and they are a very veteran team.”

On the Craig Krenzel touchdown run with 11 second left in the first half
“That score right before halftime to make it 21-0 was a backbreaker. Then we came out and scored to start the second half, but they came right back and scored.”

Washington senior quarterback Cody Pickett
On not having a lot of time to throw in the pocket
“Their defense played well and deserved to win. Offensively we really underachieved tonight. We are capable of a lot better things. We are looking forward to getting back on Monday and trying to fix our mistakes.”

On Washington’s struggling offense
“There are a lot of things we could have done better. We didn’t score enough points. We only had nine points. There is lot of things we could have done better – on offense, run the ball, throw the ball, everything. You name it we could have done it better. We are just looking forward to getting home and trying to get better.”

On Ohio State’s defensive quickness
“They had some pressure a couple of times and their secondary played pretty well. They played as a solid defensive unit, but like I said we are more capable on offense.”

Washington junior wide receiver Reggie Williams
On Ohio State’s defensive performance “I think they have a pretty solid defense. They had four guys up front who put on a lot of pressure causing us to do a lot of things we shouldn’t have done. They are solid though.”

On the loss to Ohio State “I am disappointed in the loss. I think we should have come out and played a lot better than we did. We are a much better ball club than we showed out there on the field. We have a game next week and we are going to come back strong.”

On Washington’s failure to advance the ball “We were just doing what we thought would work and the quick passing game was working. They were getting a lot of rush up front. So to get the ball out of (quarterback) Cody (Pickett’s) hands, we just ran quicker routes.”