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No. 14 Ohio State (2-0) 31, UCF (1-1) 16
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Sept. 8, 2012
Attendance: 104,745

Ohio State Players Quotes

Etienne Sabino, senior linebacker
On his first career interception
“Our defensive line and our front guys, especially Ryan Shazier, had some good pressure. The ball kind of bounced up into my hands; you can’t give me too much credit. I credit the defensive line for bringing the pressure.”

On Ohio State’s play
“We do need to get more pressure as a team. We need to find a way to get off the field on third down. Hats off to [Central Florida] though, they’re a good team. We just have to get better. Anytime you get a win you’re happy, especially in a Division I college football game.”

Noah Spence, freshman defensive lineman
On the play of the defensive line and the lack of pressure on the quarterback
“I’m a little surprised. We just need to keep working; try to get a little better every week. We need to find a way to put more pressure on the quarterback. I feel like when we get into the game it’s easier to forget about our assignments sometimes. We haven’t lived up to our potential yet.”

On Central Florida
“Both the teams we have played so far are great. I think Central Florida was a little more physical. They pushed a little more and tried a little harder. I could tell they wanted to win.”

Jake Stoneburner, senior wide receiver
On the Ohio State offense
“We started pretty well on the first drive of the first half. We just had some little mental errors in the running game and the passing game that slowed us up. I think we got complacent a little bit, especially in the fourth quarter. Overall though I thought we did pretty well.”

On playing multiple positions
“I don’t really know what my role is for sure. They have me listed as a starting wide receiver but they have put me in at tight end and I’ve played a little bit of fullback. I guess they just want to use me in different ways. I’m fine with that. I just need to make sure I know all the different positions well.”

Zach Boren, senior fullback
On his performance and areas of improvement
“I need to get a lot better. I haven’t played at the running back position in four years, so there is a lot I can an improve on — not fumbling the ball first and foremost, but also my reads and ability to make defenders miss. There’s always stuff you can improve on, and I’m definitely not there just yet.”

On the importance of the upcoming week of practice
“This week is a big week for us. We’ve played well in the last two games, but we’ve also made some serious mistakes, so we need to see improvement in practice leading up to next Saturday.”

On the offense’s potential
“We haven’t even hit our stride yet, and that is a scary thing.”

Tommy Schutt, freshman defensive lineman
On coming off the bench as opposed to starting
“Coming in [from high school] starting wasn’t something I was worried about. I’ve been focused on improving my game and playing to the best of my abilities. If I keep doing that the starts will come.”

On the camaraderie of the freshmen defensive linemen
“We’ve all been friends for awhile now, even before we got to Ohio State. I played with Adolphus [Washington] at the Army All-American game and we’ve been talking for a long time now about how we can make the defensive line a special unit in the years to come.”

Corey Linsley, junior center
On the team’s improvements from Week One
“I think a lot of the areas where we got better are evident. It didn’t start out like that. That fourth-and-one call we didn’t get, that stands out in my mind, but other than that it was a roller coaster day. The highlights were when we were correcting the miscues we had from last week. That’s a great testament to the work we put in this week.”

On penalties and mistakes
“A lot of those penalties were miscommunications, which are easy to fix. Those are going to be all right. Obviously penalties are huge. Those turnovers are inexcusable and from a lack of focus.”

Travis Howard, senior cornerback
On Central Florida
“It was a great team. We felt well prepared but they came out and gave us a battle … We were able to go out there and still get a victory.”

On improvements in the secondary
“I feel like we have better days in us and we could have done a better job, but it’s still only the second game. We have to regroup and get things together.”

Orhian Johnson, senior safety
On his extended playing time
“They just put me in the package and I went out and played. It feels good to get out there and help my teammates and any time I get the chance to go out there I want to help. Being a Buckeye, sometimes you have to go out there and put the team first.”

Central Florida Quotes

George O’Leary, UCF head coach
On today’s game
“We played sporadically and didn’t tackle as well as we needed to. We tried to make too many arm tackles and you can’t do that against a team as good as Ohio State. They have athletes that can make you miss, especially Braxton Miller. He is a good player, who can make you look bad.”

On the Ohio State defense
“Ohio State’s front seven is outstanding. John Simon is as good as anyone in the country. You don’t want to take your time passing against them. The quarterback can’t take more than three or four step drops.”

Blake Bortles, UCF sophomore quarterback
On UCF’s performance in the game
“We played decent, but there is room for improvement. We could have played a better game and I take responsibility for it. I did not play my best game today.”

On playing a close game
“It was very frustrating because we all expected to win this game. No one comes into a game just hoping to win.”

On the crowd noise
“It was definitely a factor. We had to switch to our silent count because the noise was such a huge issue. We had two false starts right from the beginning, so yes the noise affected us.”

Storm Johnson, UCF sophomore running back
On how UCF played
“The team could have done better, but I thought our energy was great throughout the game and we kept our poise. We have a great team and we will learn from this game and grow.”