Sept. 22, 2012

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No. 16 Ohio State (4-0) 29, UAB (0-3) 15
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Sept. 22, 2012
Attendance: 105,019


Corey “Philly” Brown, junior wide receiver
On today’s game
“Basically, we came out slow today. It was obvious. We prepared well throughout the week and our main focus is to come out strong. I don’t know what it was about today, but I know this week we’ll get it fixed.

On preparing for Michigan State
“I know we’re ready. I’ve been playing with these guys every day. I know as a team we’re ready and I know how we’re going to approach this week, especially with the way some of the guys were talking in the locker room. This week when we come out to practice on Tuesday we’re going to have a whole different mindset.”

Christian Bryant, junior safety
On Ohio State’s defense
“We have a lot more to work on. We can’t be content right now. We know Michigan State is up next, so we have a lot of work to do.”

On UAB’s spread offense
“Like other teams, they try to get to the edge of the defense. I think we did a good job of leveraging the ball today.”

Doran Grant, sophomore cornerback
On starting at cornerback
“I think I did okay. I just came in and did what I had to do in the absence of Bradley Roby and in helping the team in any way I could.”

On handling pressure
“There really wasn’t any pressure today. Coach Coombs has always prepared me, just in case, for a situation like this and I think I handled it okay.”

On earning playing time
“You have to earn your keep. You have to earn your playing time and respect from the older guys and your coaches and just do what you have to do. “

On proving himself
“You have to make plays. You need to come in and know your work and go 100 percent every time. “

On finding out he was starting against UAB
“I found out Wednesday. It really didn’t affect my preparation. I just prepared the same way I always do, just with a little bit more conversation with Coach Coombs.”

Johnathan Hankins, junior defensive lineman
On the defense vs. UAB
“I felt like it was much better than a week ago. I don’t think they scored big on us. We did pretty well today. “

On the Buckeyes’ consistency
“As a team, we want to keep it `on’ and keep our foot on the pedal and just go, but sometimes stuff doesn’t go our way.”

On entering Big Ten play
“Right now, this is not a good effort. We were talking in the locker room and we need to get prepared for Michigan State and that’s where our focus is right now.”

Jack Mewhort, junior left tackle
On the mood in the Ohio State locker room post-game
“You’re always happy to win a college football game, so we’re very pleased about that. At the same time, we know we have a lot of improving to do — there’s no doubt about that. We enjoy it tonight and then go back to work tomorrow, just like every week.”

On the offense
“We’ve been barely scraping by. We know we have to improve; myself and the offensive line are included in that. We need to execute better. The schemes are there, but it’s about us doing everything right and not making mental mistakes.”

Braxton Miller, sophomore quarterback
On the cause of the team’s lethargic first quarters
“We’re not coming out with enough energy — somebody’s got to get our energy to rise. Our mindset isn’t where it needs to be at the start of the game.”

On whether he is confident heading into Michigan State with the current offensive struggles
“Absolutely. We’re going to figure it out. We have a whole week of practice to improve and strive for our best.”

Etienne Sabino, senior linebacker
On the cause of the first quarter struggles
“I can’t tell you what it is, but it needs to change. If we keep starting games like this we’re going to be in trouble.”

On the defense’s inability to hold teams to three-and-out
“There are no excuses. We can’t have dumb penalties and missed tackles if we want to get off the field in three downs.”

On missed tackles
“It’s something we still have to work on. We missed too many; I missed too many. We aren’t where we need to be yet.”

John Simon, senior defensive lineman
On today’s game and preparing for Big Ten play
“I thought we played well. There are definitely things we need to sure up. I think our tackling got a little better but there were still a few missed tackles here and there. We’re excited for the next challenge. The grind is going to start to begin with the start of the Big Ten season. It’s always going to be a grind to get through a tough season. We have a tough opponent next week in Michigan State, so we’re going to have to get ready for it.”

On preparing for Michigan State
“We have played well so far but I think there is definitely room to improve; that’s what we’re going to use this week for. We got through week four, now we have to make sure we make every day a success so we’re ready for Saturday.”

On making improvements
“We need to make sure we’re flying around every play. That’s the important thing about being a Silver Bullet. We need to have 11 bullets flying to the ball and making hits on the ball carrier. Effort is not the problem; we just need to sure up a little technique.”

Rod Smith, sophomore running back
On what he works on at practice
“I’ve been focusing more and running hard. I need to know all my assignments and hold the ball forward. That’s mainly what I’ve been working on.”

On gaining playing time
“I had to show them I could do it in practice. My number was called today and they gave me an opportunity. I think I did a good job.”

Nathan Williams, senior defensive lineman
On the play of the Ohio State defense
“I think our defense likes it. All the teams we have played so far have developed great game plans and have been executing. We just need to get our stuff corrected. I really think we had a good game plan going in and we stopped them for a majority of the time. Plus, we got the win.”

On the upcoming practice week
“We need to fix a lot of things. Tackling and stupid penalties are the main concerns. I think we just need to have a great week of practice and understand the game plan going in. We’ll need to execute the best we ever have so far.”

Garrick McGee UAB head coach
On UAB’s defensive game plan
“Our defensive staff does a good job on game planning, but we turned the ball over a lot. Overall I thought we did a good job on one of the most explosive players in the game.”

On the Ohio State defensive line
“They’re a fast, uphill defensive line. We had to use quick screens to protect our offensive blocking.”

On the challenging schedule
“It’s tough on any program to go to South Carolina one week and then next week play Ohio State. I was impressed on how the team played four quarters of football and I’m confident heading into conference play.”

Calvin Jones, UAB junior safety
On UAB’s performance
“We did a good job out there against a great team. We’re getting better and like coach said we’re going to come out strong for the conference games. We’re getting rid of a lot of our mistakes and coming out a lot stronger.”

On UAB’s game plan
“Our game plan for the day was to attack the quarterback and stop him because he is mainly their offense. We did that in the beginning and I don’t believe he had any yards in the first quarter. Ohio State kept progressing and we kept fighting against them. It’s a great experience to go against a double threat quarterback and it will definitely help us out in our conference because I don’t think we will see anyone as good as him, so it was a nice experience.”

Ty Long, UAB kicker
On game performance
“We played well, some things we didn’t do well, like the 47-yard field goal I missed. I knew what I did wrong right when I hit it. I take blame for that.”

On difficulties with wind
The wind wasn’t difficult. Since I have been kicking for so long I have had practice with that kind of wind before. I hit the 54-yarder like a normal field goal with no wind; that was my mistake. I learn from my mistakes and will get better for next time.

Austin Brown, UAB quarterback
On offense
“Each and every week I’m getting more comfortable with the offense. I’m still young, so I’m still learning a little bit. I have a lot to learn, but each and every week there is a big improvement with nerves and seeing things on the field.”

On moving forward
“Even though we lost the last few games, we see glimpses of how good we can be.”

Darrin Reeves, UAB sophomore running back
On UAB’s running game
“We ran the football pretty well. We did a lot of good things on the ground and from film we knew we could run it inside and stretch it out a little bit With the running game we played kind of the way we expected. We grew as a team today and we always talk about how it is a process. We have to get a win, but we see improvement from game one, game two to game three.”

On UAB’s schedule
“We played South Carolina and now Ohio State and a lot of people say that’s tough, but we look at it as just another team we have to beat. We treated these two as just another team. They were really a good start up to get ready for conference play.”

On UAB’s performance in the red zone
“When we get down to the red zone of course we want to get it in. We have a good kicker who always bells us out, but we have to get in the end zone more.”