Dec. 11, 2004

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“I think tonight we got ourselves off to a sluggish start. We could never get the tempo going the way we wanted. We gave up some early baskets, but we got some stops when we needed them. We were coming of finals and it has been a long week for these guys. We’ll take this win and move on.”

On the play of Tony Stockman
“We didn’t shoot the ball particularly well tonight, but I’ve always said this about Tony, is that he’s a good passer. And getting him into the flow makes him even more dangerous.”

On playing after a 10-day layoff
“The biggest concern in my four years is that I’ve never had a team play really well coming out of finals. It’s been a tough week and practice times have been different. We’ve worked the guys tough this week. I don’t think we played particularly bad tonight, I thought we did some good things.”

On Terence Dials’ performance
“I think Terence has practiced better all week and tonight he was stronger going to the basket. He was better getting back and it was good to see the guys get him the ball.”

On Je’Kel Foster’s leadership
“Je’Kel is a tremendous person. He is competitive, but compassionate. He is accustomed to winning and his maturity allows him to lead. He knows what it takes to win and that is extremely beneficial to the team.”

Terence Dials, junior forward
On his career-high 25 points
“I just wanted to take what I was given in the post tonight and the guards just did a nice job of getting me the ball.” On the game plan
“We just wanted to come out hard and play smart. Early in the first half we might have a had a couple cob webs to work out following exam week, but we were able to shake them off as the game went on.”

J.J. Sullinger, junior guard
On the game
“I always try to let the game come to me, but tonight I just did not have any good looks. The drive was there a little bit more, but it was just that kind of night. We have shot a pretty good percentage in the past, but you can’t shoot excellent all the time.”

On rebounding
“Coach challenged us in practice to rebound the ball and take care of the ball. In the last ten days of practice that is one thing we have really concentrated on.”

Je’Kel Foster, junior guard
On playing without the chance of getting into the NCAA or NIT tournaments
“Every team wants to play in the postseason. We took it on the chin but we’re just going to try to play hard and try to get some upsets.”

On playing the role of leader
“I have been a leader all my life and I believe that if everybody sees me hustling they will do the same.”

Heath Shroyer, Portland State head coach
On Ohio State’s performance
“I think that Coach (Matta) is doing a great job. He has them playing. They really spread you. Dials proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the post. They have four guys around him that you have to respect. So you have to pick your poison.”

On Portland State’s shooting
“We didn’t shoot well, particularly in the first half, but they’re a good basketball team.”

On Portland State’s play in the second half
“I thought we did a good job attacking in the second half, but in the first half we didn’t rebound well and only got to the line a couple times.”

On Portland State’s performance
“I don’t think our guys were ready for the physicality of a Big Ten team. I think it took us 20 minutes to realize how physical a Big Ten team was. In the second half we got more aggressive and got to the free throw line more.”

On his expectations of OSU
“I thought they would come out fired up and ready to play. If there’s anything I know about Coach (Matta) here is that he would use that as a motivational tool for his guys.”