Oct. 1, 2011

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Ohio State 7 (3-2; 0-1 Big Ten), RV/No. 25 Michigan State 10 (4-1; 1-0 Big Ten)
Oct. 1, 2011
Ohio Stadium
Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 105,306

Ohio State

Tyler Moeller, senior linebacker/safety
On the defensive performance
“I thought we played pretty well out there. We had some decent turnovers when we needed to. We did give up 10 points which was 10 too many.”

On the loss
“This is a hard one. Every loss is hard. We fought hard and came up short. The hardest ones are the close losses. The ones where you think you are going to get it done and fall short.”

On the offensive performance
“I’m not on the offensive side of the ball so I don’t know what goes on with them. I do know they do a lot better job than I could at throwing the ball or being a quarterback. I support them. We are one team.”

On recovering from today
“We will lick our wounds for 17 hours then get in the film room and see what we did wrong and what we can do better. We’ll come back and prepare for the next team.”

Joe Bauserman, senior quarterback
On the game
“We played hard. They didn’t do anything we weren’t ready for. They are big and fast. But we just seemed to miss the big play that we needed.”

On the quarterback situation
“Braxton (Miller) is still the starter. All we can do is go out, practice hard and give it all we can. Then the coaches can decide. As long as everyone is on the same page and knows which one of us is starting, then we can prepare accordingly.”

Carlos Hyde, sophomore running back
On the play of the offense
“They (Michigan State) got to the point where seven or eight guys would play to the run. It was more than we could handle. It’s frustrating. I know our offense is good and capable of scoring points and making plays.”

On the offense’s leaders
“I feel Zach Boren is a leader on offense. Michael Brewster is a good leader as well. He keeps the offensive line together.”

Christian Bryant, sophomore defensive back
On Ohio State moving forward
“We are going to go into the game at Nebraska super pumped. I feel like we have a lot of season left. We have to worry about ourselves.”

Andrew Sweat, senior line backer
On the coaching staff’s postgame address to the team
“They told us, you win or lose as a team and we have to get better. We have 17 hours to think about it and then get back to work.”

On his teammates
“We did not have our best game defensively or offensively. But I’m proud of my teammates. I’m proud of who I play next to.”

On Ohio State first trip to Nebraska
“We have to have short term memories going into Nebraska. We’ve heard the environment is similar to Wisconsin and Penn State. But we have to play our game regardless of the environment.”

Michigan State

Mark Dantonio, Michigan State head coach
On the win today
“It was a big program win for us. I thought our guys played well, especially together. We played well on special teams and defense. You have to play good defense and special teams and protect the quarterback to win. I thought we did all of those things today. “

The pace of the game
“They have a great defense, they always have. The wind was swirling down there and it was really a factor so we knew the game was going to be back and forth. We knew we had to play well on special teams. They came up with some plays defensively, that play in the end zone was a great football play.”

On the rivalry with Ohio State
“I think this goes way back. The Michigan State-Ohio State rivalry is always good. We don’t play each other often; we only get down here once every four or five years. But this is special especially if you are from Ohio like I am. It is special to all of our Ohio players. It is special to all of our players to come here and play in Ohio Stadium.”

Kirk Cousins, senior quarterback
On B.J. Cunningham’s touchdown
“That was a broken play. He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near where he caught it. He was supposed to be basically standing on the sidelines and he caught it underneath the field goal post. That was improvising and it shows why he’s a great player.”

On Ohio State staying in the game
“We didn’t finish drives. We feel like we could have, with a few plays going our way here or there, come away with 20-plus points with the field goal. I think you have to credit Ohio State’s defense for them to bend but not break. That’s what good defenses do.”

B.J. Cunningham, senior wide receiver
On his touchdown catch
“I looked back and he was rolling out. I wanted to try to get open and try to make a play. He threw the ball up, trusted me, and I just went and made a play on the ball.”

Jerel Worthy, junior defensive tackle
On Michigan State’s defense pressuring the quarterback
“I have to credit my defensive coaches with coming up with a good game plan. We had a lot of pressure early. Once you get into that rhythm, you realize the offensive line is on their heels a little bit, you kind of want to keep the pressure on.”

On his sack
“I was getting in a good rhythm of the game. I was being a smart defensive lineman and was able to get a good jump on the ball to make a good play.”

On Ohio State’s late score
“It was a little upsetting. You work so hard that you want to come in and play the best game you can. You have to give credit. A good offensive team like that, it’s hard to shut out. They made some plays down the stretch. That’s a credit to Joe Bauserman, the wide receivers and the offensive line.”