Oct. 30, 2011

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Ohio State (5-3, 2-2 Big Ten) 33, No. 15 Wisconsin (6-2, 2-2 Big Ten) 29
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Oct. 29, 2011
Attendance: 105,511


Ohio State players

Andrew Sweat, senior linebacker
On the feeling after the game
“I was just happy we won and that the clock read zero. I guess you think individually about your feelings after a game like that.”

On the message in the huddle before the final play
“We just said to have poise, do your job and to execute it.”

On stopping their offense
“We knew we had to stop the run. I felt like we kept them in check pretty well tonight. We made a few errors that allowed them to have big plays but we pulled it out at the end.”

Corey Brown, sophomore wide receiver
On the final touchdown pass
“I thought he was throwing it to me because he pointed to me. Then I turned around to see where it was going and just saw Devin [Smith]waiting for it. Then he got it and he was tackled on the ground.”

On scoring on the last drive
“After Jordan [Hall] got that big return I knew we would get at least three points. I didn’t expect us to get seven points as fast and like that.”

Jack Mewhort, sophomore right guard
On the feeling going into today
“After watching the Michigan State vs. Wisconsin game last week it gave us some life. It gave the team some confidence about this week. The coaching staff prepared us well and we played Ohio State football today.”

On the performance today
“We can always get better. We played well and we played hard. We can clean some things up, but I’m proud of everyone and felt like the line did well.”

Adam Bellamy, sophomore defensive tackle
On Braxton Miller
“He’s a freshman so he’s still learning. It was great to see that pass out there at the end, but really he was throwing bullets all night.”

On the highs and lows of the game
“The first three quarters started off pretty slow. We figured it out and gained some momentum. The coaches always say focus on the next play, we just have to buckle down and play our game.”

Devin Smith, freshman wide receiver
On catching the game-winning touchdown
“Coach [Stan] Drayton always is telling us to make good, smart plays. So when the opportunity came, I made mine. It was a crossing pattern and I thought Braxton [Miller] was going to run, but he made the throw and I made the play. I can’t think of another catch that was of this magnitude.”

On how open he was in the end zone
“I couldn’t believe how open I was. I looked back and thought Braxton [Miller] was going to run and all the defenders were out. Braxton saw I was that open and threw a great pass.”

Michael Brewster, senior center
On the game
“It was unbelievable. It was an unbelievable effort. We have had our ups and downs, but we did not stop playing tonight. The coaches believed in us and we believed in ourselves.”

On the end of the game
“It felt great to get the win. Wisconsin hit us in the stomach toward the end of the game, but we fought back. The guys have fought like hell the past few weeks. We haven’t had the greatest of times lately, but tonight it felt great.”

John Simon, junior defensive tackle
On the game
“It feels great right now. We’re going to celebrate tonight, but tomorrow we are going back to work. There is still a long season left.”

On the defense
“Everyone was doing their one-eleventh tonight. We were stopping the run and making them pass, but we did a great job getting pressure on (Russell) Wilson.”

Ryan Shazier, freshman linebacker
On his role in the game
“I come into the game to help when the team needs it. I’m happy with my role because it involves me getting a shot at helping the team and tonight it was a team win.”

On the game
“It is especially great knowing it was a team win tonight. Everyone gave their best effort for 60 minutes. There was so much energy and momentum in the stadium tonight. We knew as soon as we stepped on the field it was time to go.”



Bret Bielema, Wisconsin head coach
On the game
“It was another heartbreaking loss for us. There are so many positives we can take away. To beat a quality opponent on the road and at night means you have to play well. We let the receiver get behind us and had a communication breakdown. Our kids never quit; they’re going to be tested in an unbelievable fashion after the last two weeks. I can’t describe the feeling of having to face those guys after all they’ve put in.”

On the back and forth scoring at the end
“It didn’t really surprise me. We got the ball in the offense’s hands. We thought we could score but we ended up scoring too soon.”

On the blocked punt
“It was a called protection, but the shield thought they [Ohio State] were going with a different look. They sent three guys up the middle. It was the same concept as last week but they ran a different play.”

Wisconsin players

Russell Wilson, senior quarterback
On the loss
“We need to remain positive and move forward. We lost at the last second. We had opportunities and knew we had 20 seconds in the game. We still believed and we came back at the end. The main thing is to stay positive, move forward, move on to the next practice and move on to the next game.”

On Wisconsin’s running game
“Ohio State’s defense was amped up and made plays. We got some big plays at the end. We have to keep fighting and figure out things that will make us better.”

Brad Nortman, senior punter
On the blocked punt
“I thought we got it off in a good time and I think the only way someone would have got to it is if they had come free. From the blocking standpoint I don’t know, but I thought we got it off in time. It was surprising they got there.”

On the punt playing a part in the end result
“Obviously it is frustrating. As a punt unit we want to have a positive influence on the game and I want the punts that I get off and am able to punt to be a positive influence on the game. It is frustrating when something like that happens.”

Jacob Pedersen, sophomore tight end
On the locker room after the game
“It is quiet, like it should be after a loss. What I like is no one is pointing fingers; we are in this as a team. From each position there is something we can do different to win. We are going to get it fixed this week.”

On the feeling of this loss
“Obviously this is not where we want to be. We are going to go in and watch film. I am going to watch film more than I ever have and see what I can do. We are going to have to fix the things on the field that are hurting us. We have to stop it.”