Dec. 19, 2004

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
Opening statement
“We got off to a decent start early. At the five-minute mark, I really thought we let our guard down and let then back in the game with the lead at 17 at halftime. In the second half, we did some good things, but did some things that were out of character. We had turnovers with no pressure and were not as mentally tough. We had eight on the road at Texas Tech, but we had 11 today at home against no pressure. We have to correct that and be more intense in our approach to the game.”

On Ohio State’s performance Sunday
“Fundamentally, I was not very happy. I think when we move the ball well. I thought we ran hard in transition. Our offense flows better when we move the ball. In the first half, we effectively fed the post. Defensively, we tried to take too many shortcuts. We have to avoid that.”

On the play of junior center Terence Dials
“He has been more aggressive. He has run the floor better. His post position and finishes have gotten better. He is getting in better shape and has been able to be quicker to the ball. It has helped him do a nice job rebounding as well.”

On the Ohio State offensive scheme
“When you are team that likes to shoot the three you have to be careful with guys thinking they have to knock one down all the time. I just stressed to move the ball and get inside their defense. Those are areas we have to try to build on our team.” Terence Dials, junior center
On coming off a big win Thursday at Texas Tech
“Coach talked to us about not letting our guard down. We kind of did let our guard down, but also did some good thing. It was back and forth. If we want to be a good team, we have to play more consistent and we did not do that tonight.

On playing against the Morehead State defense
“Coach just told me to stay aggressive. He told me to forget about the traps and stay aggressive. I did that and that is why I had a better second half today.

Tony Stockman, senior guard
On the possible letdown today against Morehead State
“I think we were really up for the game Thursday night. Sometimes you gotta dig deep to get up for a game like this. The coaches are always ready for these games. They try to get our mind right for the game today. We started well, but we let up toward the end of the first half.”

J.J. Sullinger, junior forward
On the “alley-oop” dunks
“Me and Matt were talking about it at halftime. On the second one, we kind of made eye contact and I went to the basket. The other one Tony threw, we try to see what the defense gives and they gave us that opportunity.”

Kyle Macy, Morehead State head coach
On the game
“I’m disappointed in our team. We didn’t come out and we didn’t respond to them. We figured Ohio State had two ways of playing tonight. One, they were going to play like they did at Texas Tech and come out strong. Two, they were going to be happy about the win and come out slow. Our own inefficiencies hurt us, we were shying away from contact and that’s disappointing. I wouldn’t be able to tell you which way they came out because we didn’t respond. I don’t know if it was because we had too much respect for them or because we were afraid.”

On the defense
“We tried to make it different so they couldn’t read us, but they destroyed our man-to-man.”